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X-Files Re-opened29/09/2015 19:23

The conspiracy theory series, The X-Files that followed the investigations of F.B.I. special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are to come back next year, 24th/25th January 2016 to be precise in a mini-series. Those dates are for the U.S. audiences, no details for the rest of the world yet. Whilst that is not news and has been known for a while, what is new is that the trailer for the series has been released. The trailer doesn`t give too much detail apart from indicating a story that has a historical story to it. Asst. Dir. Walter Skinner, Fox and Dana`s boss at the F.B.I. also makes a return appearance. Although you don`t see his face, it is implied that Cigarette Smoking Man is also back having survived the assassination attempt on his life at the end of the series.

In addition to the series, there was a The X-Files, the Movie which was set between series 5 and 6 which featured the Syndicate working alongside alien technology which cultimated in a U.F.O. - Unidentified Flying Object taking off from under Antarctica. After the series finished in 2002, there was a second film The X-Files, I Want to Believe in 2008 which focussed more on the supernatural then on Aliens.

Trailer for the 2016 X-Files Series


Super Blood Moon28/09/2015 21:19

Hats off to all those people who stayed up all through the night to see the rare Super Blood Moon and then went to work. Not only was the Moon closest to the Earth but it was also red. The Red is caused by the fact that the Moon was eclipsed by the Earth so gave it that shade of colour. It was also a Supermoon because the moon was closest to the Sun. The Moon doesn`t stay at an equal distance from the Earth as it orbit. When the Moon is nearest the Earth, the Moon will appear brighter. The next Red Supermoon is expected in about 2033 so if you missed it, thats when you can look forward to seeing it next.


Meteor Smash Prophecy Will Not Happen13/09/2015 22:36
There has been rumours going on the Internet that there will be an asteroid impact on Earth between now and the end of the month. It all stems from a warning from a so called Prophet called Rev. Efrain Rodriquez. He says the impact was revealed to him from God. According to (N.A.S.A.), there is no chance of a collision involving Earth. Just because he`s a man of the cloth, doesn`t mean he is correct. There have been a number of prophecies made by Prophets over the years such as though who say alien spaceships are using Comets as cover which have turned out to be false. This is just another of those superstitions.

N.A.S.A has a Near Earth Object (NEO) project that monitors asteroids that are over kilometre in size and none of those objects that they are monitoring are going to impact us. According to Efrain, the impact zone will be Puerto Rico which is where he lives. The dates include 28th September when a Blood Moon is expected to occur, this is when the Moon will turn a reddish colour.1 2

Whilst we have had asteroid strikes, one 165 million years ago which wiped out the Dinosaurs, one is not expected in the near or long term. We did have the Chelyabinsk incident not that long ago which was missed by NEO, one that will destroy life on Earth will not happen.  Comments

May the ParcelForce be With You12/09/2015 19:35
To celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film called Star Wars - The Force Awakens in December of this year (2015), the Royal Mail is issuing stamps to coincide with the film. The stamps features mainly characters from the original series and a couple of characters from the new trilogy such as Rey and Finn. Also available are stamps of the vehicles of both the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire. Whilst they can be ordered now from the Royal Mail website, they are not available until the 20th October. If you`re wondering, ParcelForce is the Royal Mail parcel delivery service.

Collection of Star Wars Stamps of main Characters from The Royal Mail

Collection of Star Wars Stamps of the Vehicles from The Royal Mail


Rogue One Picture Released18/08/2015 20:04
The first picture of the forthcoming Star Wars prequel film has been released. Is this film episode III.5 ? The film is set immediately before the events of Star Wars IV - A New Hope, where the action focuses on a group of rebels who steal the plans for the Galactic Empire`s all powerful weapon that we know as the Death Star. At the front is Felicity Jones who is believed to be playing the lead character. Although Darth Vader will not be the primary antagonist, he will be making a guest appearance in the film. Also joining the cast is Forest Whitaker who electrified filmgoers with his portrayal of of Idi Amin, the Last King of Scotland. Also joining is Mads Mikkelsen, who is best remembered for playing Le Chiffre in Casino Royale 2006, the film of the same titled book. Unlike in previous appearances, Mads has stated he will not be playing a bad guy.

Some of the cast from Rogue One


Return of the Burning Legion - Warcraft Expansion06/08/2015 19:23

The sixth expansion of the World of Warcraft MMORPG has been revealed and its called `The Legion`. The title refers to the Burning Legion, the main anatagonist organisation that is causing all the grief on the planets of Azeroth and Draenor. The adventure takes place on a new continent called `Broken Isles`, presumeably, a newly discovered Island on Azeroth rather than Draenor. The main atagonist race this time round are a group of Night Elves who have sided with the Burning Legion.

Map of the Broken Isles

Also on show was the obligatory trailer that accompanies the reveal. There was another video that shows Guldan, the Orc warlock from the previous expansion discovering Illidan Stormrages tomb and appearing to wake him up.However what was not revealed is when the expansion is due for, in terms of either this year or next to tie in with Warcraft movie. It was aloso revealed recently that subscriber numbers are down to 5.6 million active accounts now, down from 10 million when the last expansion came out and down from the high of 12 million when World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King was out.

Trailer for the World Of Warcraft - The Legion expansion

In addition to the new continent, there is a new hero class called "Demon Hunter", which is a new hero class so guessing, you won`t have to start from level 1 like you did with Monk or other classes excluding the Death Knights. Demon Hunter is based around Illidan Stormrage, a Night Elf that was one of the higher bosses in World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade, the first expansion. The new class will be able to tank and dps but it doesn`t look like the hunter class that was in from the beginning.


Star Wars at Madame Tussauds02/08/2015 15:13
So being interested in all things Star Wars, visited the Madame Tussauds Star Wars Exhibition in Baker Street, London. They`ve recreated a number of scenes from the films, some of which you can pretend to be in. The scene below is from Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back. Other scenes include Jabba, the Hutt`s court, fight between Jedis and Darth Maul. The exhibition is at the end of the journey but before you get that exhibition, there are other non-Star Wars scenes and poses you can get your picture taken with. Be sure that when you go, you go early to beat the crowds and also make sure you buy the Star Wars exhibition pass.

Scene from Empire Strikes Back at Madame Tussauds


Maybe life did hitch a ride on a Comet after all.30/07/2015 22:28
It had been reported recently that the Rosetta Space Probe which had been sent into space to rendezvous with Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko had discovered that the comet didn`t have the right kind of water in its mix and therefore couldn`t have the necessary ingredients (amino acids) and so not be the right candidate for life to have hitch-hiked across the Galaxy to our planet to kick start life. After further analysis, it has now been found that the Comet does contain some organic compounds which over years under the right conditions could turn into life as we know it or don`t know it. 1  Comments

N.A.S.A. Reveals a possible Earth 2.023/07/2015 19:35

N.A.S.A. scientists that working on the Kepler space telescope have revealed that they have discovered an Extrasolar Planet (Exoplanet) that is very similar to our our planet Earth. The planet is about 1.6x the size of our planet and is in the Goldilocks zone round its star Kepler 452. The fact that is located in the Goldilocks Zone increases the chances that there are Aliens out there and we are not alone. However the planet is about 1,400 Light Years away in the constellation of Cygnus and would take 1400 years travelling at the speed of light to get there. More information on this planet can be found can be found on the Kepler 452b dedicated page.

Earth 2.0 Kepler 452b in the Constellation of Cygnus


Arrival-at-Pluto-Imminent13/07/2015 20:40

Tomorrow marks the arrival of the New Horizons mission to Pluto mission to Pluto probe at Pluto, the largest dwarf-planet in the Kuiper Belt. It`ll mark the end of a nine and half journey for the intrepid probe that was launched into space on January 19th, 2006. In the time its taken to get there, Pluto has been downgraded from being a Planet to being a dwarf planet because its orbit round The Sun isn`t clear of objects. So far we have learnt is that Pluto is bigger than we thought it was, it is 2,370 Km in diameter. More details are coming out all the time and we should hopefully see some better photos. Here`s a photo of Pluto with its bigger moon, Charon, not to scale and what we know of it at the moment.

Photo of Pluto and Charon


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