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The planet Bajor is not much different from Earth in terms of vegetation and environment. The planet was subject to an occupation by the reptilian Cardassians before Commander Benjamin Sisko took command of the station. Bajorans look human in most senses, the only real different are small ridges on their upper nose. Both males and females have equal standing within the society.

The Banjorans are a highly religious race of people. They believe in the prophets and are highly influenced by the religion. When Vedek Winn comes to the station, she is shocked to find that Keiko O'Brien is teaching a secular curriculum causing frictions between the Bajorans on board and Keiko.

Where Earth women will have morning sickness, pregnant Bajoran females have sneezing fits. When they about to give birth, there is a ceremony in which people play musical instruments and try to keep them calm. Kira Nerys gives birth in The Begotten.

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