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Dwarves are known for their bravery and fighting skills but more famously for their beards which they grow very very long. In Tolkeins Middle Earth, Dwarven women are indistinguishable to their men folk according to what Gimli said in Lord of the Rings, in other words, dwarven women have beards. In other versions of dwarves such as Warcraft, females are without beards. The Dwarves used to live in Erebor, the lonely mountains but they got pushed out by a dragon called Smaug. A band of dwarven warriors and a hobbit led by Thorin Oakenshield lead the charge to take back Erebor from the dragon in 'The Hobbit'. Dwarves are also known as the children of Aulë, a God like entity who oversaw Middle-Earth.

Aulë made seven Fathers of the Dwarves. Each of these became the progenitor of a different Dwarven clan. Aulë made a wife for each of the Fathers except one. Durin awoke along and in Mount Gundabad in the north. He settled in the area most commonly known as Mines of Moria in later years. Each Kingdom head was given a Ring by Lord Sauron. However, Sauron would later try reclaim the rings back from them because they were too resistant to him. The effect of the rings made the Dwarves become more interested in the love of material things, gold, gems etc. Their greed caused them to dig deeper and deeper into the ground and under During VI, they awakened a Balrog who was sleeping below. It caused the dwarves to leave the area.

The dwarves refer to themselves as Khazad in their own laguage. The Mnes of Moria was once also known as Khazad-Dum which translated as Dwarves Mansion. In the War of Wrath, the Elves, Dwarves and Men backed by the Valar defeated the forces of Morgoth but Middle-Earth was wracked by tremendous destruction. Many of the Dwarven cities were destroyed and refugees moved to Khazad-Dum. The Iglishmek is a Dwarven sign language.

King Thrain was able to defeat Azog, a goblin but he was unable to defeat the Balrog and left the Mines of Moria. Azog appears as an Orc in the film and is not the same as the one in the films.

The only female dwarf that gets a mention by Tolkein in the stories is Dis who is the mother of the Ereborian group's brother dwarves, Fili and Kili. Female dwarves only make up a third of the population and only a smaller proportion of those ever married and bore children so the dwarven population decreased over time due to periods of war and strife. In Lord of the Rings, Gimli refers to that Dwarven women have beards and its not easy to tell the difference between males and female. Bearded dwarves also occur in Marcus Heitz Dwarves stories but in Warcraft, the female dwarves do not have beard. In the hobbit movies, if you look at the dwarven women running, you will see the small beard they have.

Petty dwarves where dwarves that had been exiled from other clans and settled in Beleriand in the First Age. Over time they became a separate race altogether. When the Elves encountered them, they thought they were animals.

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