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The only difference between Elves and humans are that the former can live for thousands of years whereas Humans only get up to about eighty if they're lucky. A distinguishing feature of Elves are their ears, they long and pointed. Tolkein elves are about the same height as humans whereas in World of Warcraft, they are marginally taller. As for Santa's elves, they tend to be short. Elves are immortal and can live forever and a day. They do age but they never die from natural causes and are immune from disease. If they are violently killed, they are reincarnated into an identical body in Valinor. They could come back to Middle-Earth but they rarely do that.

Whilst most Elves in the story are male such as Legolas Greenleaf, there are some females Arwen and Tauriel. Tauriel was created for the Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug and isn't in the original storyline.

The Elven languages are Sindarin which was the common language spoken by the Elves. The other language was the more academic language Quenya.

Rivendell is one of the most important locations in the Elven world. Lord Elrond resides over the kingdom, watching over it. It was first formed formed an Elven fortress and sanctuary during a great war during the Second Age and was known as Imladris. It is more commonly known as Rivendell now. Another Elven city was Gondolin which was hidden in a ring of mountains from Morgoth. It was destroyed after being betrayed by jealous Elf Maeglin in the First Age.

The three Elven rings were known as Vilya, Nenya and Narya, they were named after the Elven names for the Elements, Fire, Air and Water. The power of the rings were used to protect Rivendell and preserve the beauty of Lothlorien.

Whilst beards are more commonly associated with Dwarves, male elves grown beards can grown bears as they grow older. It is a sure sign of aging.

Dark Elves were a group of erlves that stayed in Middle-Earth and not visit Valinor therefore not seeing the light of the two trees.

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