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Ewok - Star Wars


Ewoks are short furry bears that live solely on Moon of Endor. Ewoks are tribal and live in the trees. The first contact between an Ewok and a human is between Princess Leia and Wicket. When the Ewoks first came into contact with the Rebellion exc. Leia, the Ewoks saw the humans as a source of food and was about to cook them over a fire. The Ewoks saw C-3PO as a golden god which Luke Skywalker used to his advantage to ge the captured released. The Ewoks helped the alliance take on the Empire and destroy the Death Star shield generator.

The majority of Star Wars fans dislike the Ewoks as they are too cute and felt that the Wookies such as Chewbacca should have been the race that took on the Empire. George Lucas went onto make Ewoks cartoons and two stand alone Ewok films.

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