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The Ferengi are a race of aliens that have appeared in all the series of Star Trek except the original series. They are a greed race of aliens who sole motivations are the acquirement of Latinum, a precious metal in space. They follow a set of rules known as Rules of Acquisition which govern how they live. They love having their ears rubbed as it stimulates them. The most well known Ferengi is Quark who runs a bar on board Deep Space Nine.

The leader of the Ferengi is the Grand Negus Zek who has appeared in a number of episodes of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine but he usually resides on the Ferengi home world planet of Ferenginar.

Ferengi Females

Female Ferengi are forbidden from wearing clothes on the basis it arouses the males to what is underneath. There are a number of Ferengi women who obey this rule such as Ishka who is the mother of Quark and Rom.

In Family Business (S3 E23), Ishkar, Quark and Rom's mother is causing trouble on Ferenginar by making money and wearing clothes. Quark and Rom travel home to investigate and persuade their mother to give up the money and stop wearing clothes. Ishkar refuses to do both. It is unclear whether it causes change in the Ferengi attitudes in the episode or is for later.

The Ferengi's Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

The Last Outpost

The Ferengi first appeared in episode five of the first series. The Enterprise is chasing the Ferengi when both ships are affected by a power drain. The two ships agree to put their differences between them and travel down to the planet to investigate.

over the course of the episode, the crew of the Enterprise realise that the Ferengi cannot be trusted. The Ferengi attack and capture the crew of the Enterprise. Lieutenant Commander Data activates a portal and a being appears and sets out a challenge. Commander William Riker manages to convince the being that they mean no harm and are allowed to leave

False Prophets

The Ferengi are a Alpha/Beta Quadrant alien race so when Voyager comes across a couple of Ferengi in the Delta Quadrant, it turns to Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager to set the record straight.


Although the Ferengi first appeared in the Last Output, it didn't stop the Ferengi from appearing in the prequel series Enterprise. A Ferengi space ship manages to knock out the crew of the Enterprise and the Ferengi crew get on board. The episode features Captain Jonathon Archer and the rest of the crew in regaining control of Enterprise from the Ferengi.

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