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Kaminoan - Star Wars


Kaminoans are a tall, slender white alien race who live on the planet named Kamino. They have been known to be excellent cloners. When Obi-Wan Kenobi wanted to talk to them, he discovered that the planet that had been erased from the Jedi databanks. It was never revealed who erased their existance from the databanks but it was probably Palpatine as he was behind everything else.

The Kaminoans live in cities above the waters of their planets. The Kaminoans expert cloner who had been hired by Sifo-Dyas to build a Clone Army. Sifo-Dyas as a legendary Jedi Master who had long died so whoever it was who placed the order was pretending to be Sifo.

The Kaminoans used Jango Fett as a basis for the Clones. All Jango Fett asked in return was an unaltered clone of himself, a son which he called Boba Fett.

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