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The Kazon are a race of nomads who have different factions all of whom are enemies of the USS Voyager. They are similar in a number of ways to the Klingons because of their warrior stance and their ridges on their heads. The Kazon are the first alien race that Voyager encounters when they arrive in the Delta Quadrant (Caretaker).

The Kazon didn't create the technology that they travel in, instead they obtained the technology from the Trabe who had enslaved the Kazon. Captain Kathryn Janeway had tried to barter with the Kazon-Olga tribe. When the trading wasn't working out, Janeway ordered a militaristic end to the situation. Janeway also didn't like the fact that the Kazon could use the technology of the spacestation that had brought Voyager to this area of the Galaxy so she had the station destroyed.

Seven of Nine describes that the Borg as being not worth assimilation and are ignored.

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