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Nietzschean - Andromeda

Neitzscheans are a race of humans who have been genetically enhanced to be fitter, stronger and faster than ordinary humans. They are based on the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, Social Darwinism and Dawkinite genetic competitiveness. Neitzscheans are born into clans (families) such as Kodiak or Orca Prides. They were created when scientist Dr. Paul Museveni took his followers to another planet to carry experimentation on them. The first successful experiment created Drago Museveni to whom all Neitzscheans see as a God. They stayed quite independent for a long time before joining the Systems Commonwealth.

A number of Neitzschean planets were attacked by the Magog and were subsequently destroyed. The Systems Commonwealth agreed a truce with the Magog which the Neitzscheans saw as a betrayal so began their plan to destroy the Commonwealth. Their first battle with the Commonwealth caused the Andromeda Ascendant to get too close to a Black Hole.

When the Ascendant was pulled out of the grip of the black hole, Tyr Anasazi, a member of the salvage craft that rescue the Ascendant became a member of Dylan Hunt's crew.

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