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Orc - Lord of the Rings

Orcs are the Lord of the Rings bogeymen and the ones to avoid. After JRR Tolkein wrote the Lord of the Rings, he wished that he had spelt them Ork but Orc had stayed. In Lord of the Rings, Saruman explains to an Orc that the Orcs ere once Elves before they transformed into what they are now. Whilst in World of Warcraft and Warhammer, Orcs are green, the Orcs in the films show them as a greyish coloured. Orcs are created rather than procreation like the other Middle-Earth races. In Lord of the Rings, there are no female orcs. Generally, other than Lord of the Rings, Orcs are of two genders and a normal race of humanoids.

Other stories of Orc such as those by Stan Nicholls have humanised Orcs, created female Orc characters and tried to make them a normal race like dwarves and humans. In World of Warcraft, Orcs are a playable race of the Horde, one of two factions, the other being the Alliance which includes Humans.

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