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Romulan - Star Trek - The Original Series

The Romulans are a distant cousin of Vulcan where contact had been lost for years. They first appeared in the episode Balance of Terror where the Enterprise encounters a Romulan WarBird.

In the star Trek - Reboot storylines, their home world Romulus is destroyed when their star goes supernovas, Spock was unable to get to the star in time to save it. The planet has a moon called Remus which is predominantly used for mining. One Romulan, Nero is catapulted back into the past and sets about wreaking revenge on the Federation, first by destroying Vulcan then trying to destroy Earth.

During the problems with the Dominion, the Romulans were neutral, it was not until a terrorist attack that kills an envoy of the Romulans that they (Romulans) enter the Dominion war on the side of the United Federation of Planets (In the Pale Moonlight).

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