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Visitors - V

They came as our friends but they had an sinister reason. They came from a planet orbiting the star called Sirius and we couldn't tell the difference between them and ourselves. However under their skin, they were totally different from us, they were green lizards.

They wanted to make chemicals that was vital for their planet which could be manufactured here on Earth. People started going missing and scientists became pariahs. The truth was that they were carnivorous human eating lizards who wanted a new food source because they'd eaten all their own food. The Visitors also wanted to take our water as their water had been used up. In addition to humans being a food source, the Visitors wanted humans to be soldiers to fight their war for them. The Visitors were also at war with another alien race who are only mentioned as being at war with the Visitors but never their name. In the "Next Generation" book, the Visitor enemies make an appearance.

The creators of the V franchise were influenced by Nazi fascists of the 1930s and 40s. Instead of wiping people by mass exterminations like what the Nazi's did to the Jews, the Visitors are packaging the humans up as food and shipping them back to their home planet. Where the Nazi's used the Swastika as their symbol, the Visitors had their own symbol. The Visitors in the re-imagined V ( 2010 ) series, the aliens didn't seem to be interested in wiping us out, their ultimate objective was unclear.

Visitor V Sign

The Visitors adopt Earth names according to where they are based. The supreme leader of the Visitors on Earth calls himself John who is killed by Diana who believe if she had been in charge would have seen a Visitor Victory.

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