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Wampa - Star Wars

Hoth Native Carnivore

A giant Wampa creature that captures Luke and takes him back to its cave.

The Wampa is one of the native species on the planet. It is based on the fictional Yetis in the Himalayas and Bigfoot in the America. It is extremely tall, powerful and carnivorous. It is marginally taller than a human but is much stronger than a human. The Wampa is able to knock out its prey which in the case of the film is Luke Skywalker and carry an unconscious Luke back to its cave. The wampa hangs Luke Skywalker upside down and plans to eat it later.

When Luke regains consciousness, the Wampa stops what he is doing, that is eating a Tauntaun it killed earlier and moves to Luke. Luke is able to grab his lightsaber using his Force skills, free himself and then chop off the Wampa's arm.

Luke manages to stumble out of the cave and loose consciousness again. Luke sees a vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi who tells Luke to visit Dagobah and receive training from the Jedi Master Yoda


A second Wampa was seen moving through The Rebel Alliance Base during the attack by the Imperial forces but the scene was cut from the final version of the film.

Han Solo manages to find Luke Skywalker and look after and protect him from the wind until they can be rescued by fellow rebels.

In World of Wacraft, the game plays homage to Luke Skywalkers escape. If you're about to do all the quests in the Winterspring, you will come across this. You will click on a postbox and then falls asleep only to be woken up later upside down in a cave. The quest sees you escape and kill the Yeti creature.

The creatures live on their own, there are no younglings or others that it cares for.

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