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End of King Davids ReignJanuary 2, 2010, 11:22am

The final episode of David Tennant has him battling both the Master and the returning Time Lords of Gallifrey. After defeating them, he knows his time for regeneration is soon so he travels back to see his recent companions one last time. The Timelords are returned back to where they had been during this time. They might make another appearance again in a future episode. He Visits Captain Jack in a bar and gets him to introduce himself to Alonso, the surviving ships captain in Damned Voyage, Christmas episode some years ago.

Martha Jones has now hooked up with Mickey Smith and fighting aliens on what looks like a barren planet. He visits Rose before he meets her for the first time because shes currently in another dimension. The episode ends as he regenerates during an emergency into the new Matt Smith doctor. A preview of the new series is available on the Doctor Who Website. He`s up against new aliens, old aliens (Daleks) and Vampires. Also whereas previous doctors have shied away from using guns, this time, he`s seen with a gun. The first episode of the two parter drew an audience of 10 Million viewers.


End of Year of AstronomyDecember 31, 2009, 5:23pm

As the year draws to an end so does the Year of Astronomy. It was so named as it was the 400th aniversary of Galileo use of the telescope. Throughout the year, there were numerous events both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Hope you got to see one of them.


Doctor Who Christmas SpecialDecember 25, 2009, 11:34pm

The first of two episodes chronicling the end of David Tennants reign as The Doctor has been showed. The story is about the return of the Master and how he when given the opportunity creates the Master Race. Throughout the episode, Timothy Dalton narrates. It is not until the end of the episode that we finally find out who he is. The Narator is the President of the Time Lords of Gallifrey. For they have returned.


Dark Matter has been discoveredDecember 20, 2009, 7:23pm

According to scientists working deep underground in the United States, Dark Matter has been discovered. They weren`t smashing particles together but just highly sensitive instruments in the Soudan mine in Minnesota. Dark Matter in brief is a mysterious unseen mass that is able to hold in place vast galaxies as proposed by Swiss scientist Fritz Zwicky in 1933. More information about the discovery can be read at The Guardian.


Avatar ReleasedDecember 18, 2009, 14:56pm

The long awaited Avatar science fiction film from James Cameron has finally been released to the public. It is his first film since he scored a hit with Titanic. Titanic was the most expensive film and most successful. This film, costing $300 Million is hoping to emulate the same success. People have the option of seeing the movie in either 2D or 3D. Having seen the film in 3D, the film looks spectacular. It has many similarities with Dances with Wolves and A Man Called Horse, both of which are non-science fiction films.

The main character has to learn to be a Na`vi and as he does so, he finds himself falling in love with one of them. It has a geo-political message about encroaching into other peoples land and trying to take what they shouldn`t take. The special effects, pardon the pun but they, they`re out of this world. It can drag in places but the special effects does carry the film.


Star Trek Online Release Date ReleasedDecember 15, 2009, 9:24 pm

It has been announced that the long awaited Star Trek MMORPG is to due to get its release on the 2nd Feb, 2010. You`ll be able to play a captain in either the United Space Federation or the Klingon Empire. Depending on where you buy the game, you`ll get an ingame bonus, for example, buying the game from Amazon, you`ll get a Borg Bridge Officer. As expansions come out, they`ll undoubtably additional factions to the game, the Dominion, the Cardassians and Ferengi. All action will be expected to take place in either the Alpha or Beta Quadrants so you`ll unlikely see a Kazon. Group quests might include attacking Borg Cubes.


Virgin Galactica Details ReleasedDecember 8, 2009 8:55pm

Before a group of a paid-up passengers and V.I.P.s, Richard Branson unveiled his SpaceshipTwo, the craft that will take passengers into space and back. The craft consists of two parts, one takes the main passenger craft into the skies, the second detaches itself from the main part and zooms off into space. To be one of the first, you will need to have a hundred thousand or more to spend. The journey will involve a short time of weightlessness. The crafts base location will be the Mojave Desert in California. Although pricey to begin with, it is expected that the cost of travel will fall as more companies enter the market. However that will take ten or twenty years before the average person gets into space.


MOD's UFO team disbandedDecember 1, 2009, 1:32pm

The MOD team that had been tasked with investigating UFO sightings has been disbanded. The three man team has been moved onto other duties because it was not cost effective. The team were only there to reassure the public over their anxieties. Did the person who made the decision not remember the rendlesham forest incident in 1980. The incident prompted internal letters between ministers. Even if the UFOs aren`t extra-terrestrial, someone needs to be looking into these.


Large Hadron Collider RestartedNovember 21, 2009, 11:43am

The Large Hadron Collider, the experiment under the French/Swiss border to recreate the first moments of the Big Bang has been restarted. 14 months previous, the machine had to be stopped when there was a malfunction in one of the parts. Some people have been theorising that the malfunction was caused by particles from the future sabotaging the present, Hmmmmm!!!. Amongst its experiements is to find the Higgs-Bison Particle also known as the God Particle. Failure to find it, will result in a rethink of physics. For more information on the subject, suggested reading is BBC News.


Water found on the MoonNovember 13, 2009, 10:23pm

NASA scientists hoping to find water on the Moon have said they`ve had success. They smashed a piece of a satiellite into the moon but the expected large flume didn`t happen. They base the success on the fact that water was detected by sensitive instruments on the satiellite. Finding water on the moon makes a moonbase becoming reality one step closer. With water, people will be able to survive and it will provide a stepping stone to Mars. Launching to Mars is easier than from Earth, for a start, you won`t need as much energy to break from the Moon as you would do from the Moon. Some people might be wondering how there is water on the moon. The reason is the moon is the result of a large celestrial body smashing into the Earth causing large chunks to break off off Earth and form the moon. For more information, suggested reading is the BBC News website.


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