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Coldstars, What are the Coldest Stars out there?21/05/2017 10:41

After watching Amy`s Choice which is an episode of Doctor Who from May 2010 again, it got me wondering. What is the coldest star out there? Not all stars are the same temperature, blue stars are the hottest that can reach in excess of 30,000k such as Naos in the constellation of Puppis.

At the other end of the temperature spectrum to Naos are red, brown and white dwarf stars. Red dwarf stars can go down to about 3,850K (Georgia State University) . They are both still hot, iron boils at 1811K (Patent Invent) . However as I researched further I found that there are stars out there can be touched by the human because they`re so cool. Not advisable because they`re still radioactive.

According to research, one of the coldest stars out there is a neighbour, in fact, it is the seventh closest star to our Solar System. If you count the three stars that make up the Alpha Centauri multi-star system including Proxima Centauri as one then it becomes the fourth nearest.

The coldest nearest star is Wise 0855-0714 and its to be found in the constellation of Hydra. It is a Y2 class dwarf star, it may not be the coldest ever star but for this article, it is the coldest we`ll be talking about. The star is a mere 7.27 Light Years from the Earth. Its temperature has been estimated at being about 225 -260k, which equates to about -48c to -13c (-55f to 8f). To put this in context, the mean coastal temperature of Antartica is about -12c going all the way down to -60c in areas about 4000 meters high. Ref: Antartica

Although the star won`t burn you, it will certain not be a wise move as you`ll get frostbite if you touch it and die. In addition to frostbite, there`s a whole lot of other issues that you could also get through touching it. It may even be a failed star, one that didn`t have sufficient mass to start nuclear fusion. It is speculated that these brown dwarfs aren`t stars but are rogue planets. There is a scientific paper on another brown dwarf star WISE 1828+2650 that discusses that star as to whether should be classed as a brown dwarf or a planet.

But what has it to do with Amy Choice? In the episode, the TARDIS is moving towards a Coldstar and the temperature in the TARDIS is freezing. Watching that prompted me to look into the coldest stars. As for whether the coldstar could have such an effect on a spaceship is unlikely in my view.


U.S.S. Discovery set to launch in Autumn18/05/2017 20:29

The latest Star Trek franchise series is due to launch some time this Autumn/Fall 2017. Its had a chequered history and it keeps being put back and back. It missed the 50th Anniversary year (2016) but hopefully, it won`t be delayed any further.

The series is another prequel like Enterprise but its not based on the Enterprise but a different ship called Discovery. Discovery was the name of the most flown Space Shuttle that was used by N.A.S.A. until the space shuttle program was cancelled in 2010 by President George W. Bush.

The lead character from the trailer is Commander Burnham but she`ll not be the captain although the trailer implies otherwise. Previous information had said that the captain of the ship would be played by Jason Isaac but the video doesn`t show Jason but shows the captaincy being held by Michelle Yeoh`s character, Captain Georgiou.

The familiar aliens such as the Klingons will be back. They`ll be some new aliens of course. The graphics and images from the trailer have drawn similarities with Dune which was set on the desert world Arrakis and had the same look and feel.

This series is only available to C.B.S. cable in the United States and probably only on Netflixs everywhere else. If you only have Sky in the U.K., sit back and watch Orville instead, a comical take on Star Trek.

Star Trek Discovery to launch in Autumn.


`The Orville`, a new take on Star Trek18/05/2017 19:55

From the comic genius that is Seth MacFarlane comes `The Orville`, a comical take on Star Trek. Seth is more famous for his adult themed cartoons `The Family Guy` and `American Dad`. He`s also the man behind the comic bear TED and was the executive producer for `COSMOS` television series. COSMOS was the updated version of Carl Sagan hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2014.

Its not the first time that a comedy has been influenced by Star Trek, there was galaxy Quest which featured characters who were actors in a science fiction series that were mistaken for real heroes. Unlike Galaxy Quest, this will have the characters as real star travellers, not pretending to be.

There`s no Space Federation, its planetary Union instead. The premise is that Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) has been picked to captain the ship `The Orville`. Ed wasn`t the first choice, he was the only person left. His second in command turns out to be his ex-wife and they don`t get along as the trailer shows. I could just regurgitate everything thats in the trailer but I think its best to sit back, watch and laugh.

Its going to be shown on the FOX network which hopefully it`ll mean it`ll be available on Sky T.V. including Now T.V.

Trailer for the Seth MacFarlane series


Evidence of the Multiverse discovered?17/05/2017 19:25

The Multiverse in short is the theory that alternate realities exist. There could be a reality where you have won the Lottery or not won if you`re a winner in this reality. There`s a reality where Hillary Clinton won the U.S. Election and not Donald Trump. You can go on and on with other possible realities, each one different, each one based on a different set of rules.

There is no hard evidence that the Multiverse exists, there is only theory. Should a Multiverse exist, it could explain how our universe came into being. There is a theory that the big bang was caused by two universes colliding therefore creating a third.

According to scientists at the University of Durham, Professor Tom Shanks and postgraduate student Ruari Mackenzie believe that a cold spot in the Cosmic Background Radiation is the result of a collision between two universes. Their work is published in a Royal Astronomical Society paper. The picture below is copyrighted E.S.A. and Durham University.

Possible evidence of the Multiverse in Cosmic Background Radiation

The cold spot on the map is colder than most of its surroundings and void of many galaxies compared to surrounding areas. The cold spot was thought to be as a result of supervoid but current research believe it is too big to be the result of a void and therefore the Multiverse theory has gained substance. Ref: Independent


`The Last Jedi` Trailer officially released14/04/2017 17:21

On the second day of the Star Wars Celebrations 2017 in Orlando, the first trailer of the new Star Wars film, Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi has been released. As its the first trailer, it doesn`t show much and doesn`t give anything other than what we`ve come to expect of the film. It shows Poe Dameron in full pilot gear and Rey beginning her training. Finn is still asleep having been knocked out at the end of the last film. There aren`t any shots of the new characters, the ones for example played by Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran or Benicio del Toro. In the Celebrations we do find out more about Kelly`s character called Rose, a technician but not much more than that.

The trailer shows some of the recognisable faces from the New Order such as Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma and a couple of battles, one on a planet, the other in space. Hopefully, the film won`t be as repetitive as the previous, Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens which had so many similarities as the original series.

The first trailer for Star Wars VII - The Last Jedi


Doctor Who Series 10 starts a week today08/04/2017 18:19

Not long now, only a week to go before Doctor Who Series 10 starts. Its only series 10 if you forget the classic episodes, otherwise its series 35. It`s going to be the last series that Peter Capaldi will play The Doctor before regenerating in the Christmas episode to whom, we still don`t know. The lead writer on the series, Steven Moffat will also be leaving, being replaced by Chris Chibnall who is no stranger to the Doctor Who series. Chris has written for example, 42 in 2007. Chris will have a completely new slate to work with.

For this series, The Doctor will have two assistants, Bill Potts and Nordale. We`ve met Nordale before in the previous two Christmas episodes. The new female companion is Bill Potts, a university dinner lady more experienced in serving chips than defeating aliens. The Doctor is a lecturer at the university when he whisks Bill on the adventures of her lifetime. In previous series, its funny all new companions always seem to know what a Dalek is but this time, Bill will be asking all those questions that a companion would ask. If every companion asked the same question, it`d get boring and tedious wouldn`t it and after all everyone watching already knows the answer.

Bill is going to be the first companion who is a lesbian but she won`t be the first LBG character, the first was Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack isn`t classed as a companion in the same way as Clara Oswald, the Doctor`s previous companion and longest in recent times.

In addition to the Daleks who appear in the first episode, other enemies will be appearing such as the Martian Ice Warriors and this time they`ll be a female Ice Warrior, so lacking from previous episodes. Mondasian Cybermen will also make an appearance. What makes these different to the previous versions of the Cybermen in the new series of Doctor Who is that they are based on the original Cybermen complete with cloths over their faces rather than plastic coverings. The Mondasian Cybermen are presumeably a reference to the origins of the Cyber-race so to speak, soon after Mondas moved out of the solar systems orbit.

Pearl Mackie the new companion only appears for the tenth series and is the second non-white companion to appear as an companion. The first was Martha Jones who also only stayed for one series but made guest appearances when Donna Noble was the primary companion. Martha returned in The Doctor`s Daughter for example. Some people have cried foul that she`s only in it for one series. The advantage of Bill leaving after just one series is that Chris will be able to not only cast a new Doctor but also cast a new companion as well. According to the Daily Star, Pearl made an unforgivable mistake of not knowing how the TARDIS is powered. Pearl is an actress not a Whovian, she`s not going to know absolutely everything about the Doctor Who series. After she`s got her pay cheque, she`ll just move on. The question was quite evil, they should`ve asked an easier one, one not designed to catch her out.

Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer


Seven planet solar system discovered22/02/2017 20:27

Scientists using N.A.S.A.`s Spitzer space telescope have discovered a solar system in the constellation of Aquarius that contains seven planets which is the most yet. The star is called Trappist-1 which is a small low-mass planet. Cosmically speaking, it is quite close, only a mere 40 Light Years from us. The nearest exoplanet from us is a mere 4 Light Years orbiting the star Proxima Centauri.

The planets are close to the star which means a couple are likely to be hospitable as they orbit close or within the Goldilocks Zone, the area which is not too cold and not too warm for life to exist. When the James Webb telescope goes into orbit, it is expected to be able to detect ozone in one of the planets atmosphere. The scientists have creates a Website for their find which they detail why they chose the star. On one of the reasons for choosing the small stars is that the planets effect on the star is more noticable than those of larger stars. There are only two major Alpha stars that I know of that have stars, they are Hamal (Aries) and Aldebaran (Taurus), there could be other but am not aware.


First Han Solo Movie Picture Released21/02/2017 19:51

We may have a long way to go but the first picture of the cast of the Han Solo (played by Alden Ehrenreich) anthology Star Wars - Han Solo Movie has been released. The picture shows the inside of the Millenium Falcon with some known and unknown characters.

Rumours of the film will be how he left the Imperial Navy, befriended the hairy wookie Chewbacca, won the falcon from Lando Calrissian (played by Donald Glover). The female in the middle, Emilia Clarke who is in the middle of the picture is probably the lead female as its been known for some time that she`ll be in it and they do tend to cast the lead characters first. As for Pheobe Waller-Bridge`s role is unknown but given the role of previous females in the past films, it won`t be big. The role is rumoured to be a C.G.I. character along the lines of Maz Kanata from Episode VII. Woody is rumoured to be a mentor to Han Solo.

The two men, the one below Woody and the man beside Donald are the directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord because this film needs two to helm it. Another cast member who has been announced but not in the picture is Thandie Newton, a British actress who has been in many productions including Mission Impossible II with Tom Cruise.

First picture of the cast of the new Han Solo Movie


The hunt for Planet 9 Needs You!!!19/02/2017 19:18

The scientists searching for the new nineth planet are now asking the Internet community for help. They have set up with the Backyard Worlds team to ask for volunteers. The work revolves round looking at pictures and spotting any differences. Any difference between the two pictures could herald the nineth planet. Its the same sort of method that Clyde Tombaugh did when he was searching for Pluto. You`ll need a lot of time and patience and it involves a lot of studying. No degrees, no Ph.D.s required so every fancied being a discoverer, go straight ahead and good luck.

At the time of uploading this story, 60% of the work had already been done with 14,625 volunteers and over a million classifications. Whoever said they`d struggle to find volunteers got that one wrong. Hopefully, we`ll find something. I`ll admit, I haven`t signed up.


Richard `Apollo` Hatch has died08/02/2017 19:53

The actor who played Capt. Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica series in the late seventies has past away after loosing a fight again pancreatic cancer. He returned to the series as Sagittaron Terrorist turned politician Tom Zarek. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Capt. Apollo but was beaten by Michael Moriarty for his role in holocaust.

You can take the actor out of the series but you can`t take the series out of the actor. Richard stayed loyal to the series and penned a number of books on Battlestar Galactica called Armageddon, Resurrection and Rebellion. He attempted to get the series back in the nineties, creating a demo vid but wasn`t picked up by the studios. It wasn`t until the Star Wars prequels that interest in the series rose again.


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