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Legion has arrived10/08/2016 19:12

The sixth expansion to the World of Warcraft MMORPG has began its rollout to the masses. First released to the masses in the United States on Tuesday and then to Europe on Wednesday and presumeably the rest of the world on Wednesday too. The adventures are set on a newly opened up continent called `The Broken Isles` which holds the Tomb of the fallen Titan, Sargaras. The seal of the island was broken by the Orc Warlock, Gul`dan who at the end of the last expansion was blased into a portal after the demigod Archimonde was killed by players.

What was released as part of the roll out was the ability to roll a Demon Hunter, a new player class which comes in only two races, Night Elf for the Alliance and Blood Elf for the horde. You could only get a Demon Hunter if you have a character over level 70 for that particular server that you are playing on. Therefore, just roll a Death Knight, level it to Northrend and then presumeably, you will be able to get yourself a Demon Hunter. The only people who are able to roll a Demon Hunter are of course only those people who have pre-purchased the expansion. The starting level for Demon Hunters is 98, a hero class. Personally, I think I`ll stick to my tried and trusted Druid and Hunter, my high achievers. Demon Hunters are quite fun and everyone seem to be creating one. In the space of twenty seconds, the Horde guild I`m in recruited thirty Demon Hunters so they`re popularity has taken off quite quick especially seeing as there`s nothing else to do.

For non-Demon Hunter classes, there was a quest chain which takes you to the `Broken Shores` island where you face an army of the Legion controlled by the mad Warlock himself, Gul`dan. In the scenario/raid part, you are teased with the possibility of a truce between the two factions. However, this is Warcraft and the two factions will come to blows in the end. Both factions team up to kill one of Guldan`s bosses and then Gul`dan gains the upper hand and causes a Rift between the two factions again. At the end of both quest lines, we see that both faction leaders, Vol`jin and Varian Wrynn are both killed and new leaders take their place, Anduin Lothar for the Alliance and Lady Sylvanna Windrunner for the Horde. When you watch the Alliance video, it gives the impression that the Horde turned their backs on the Alliance but when you watch the Horde video, you see that Sylvanna had no choice to retreat after Vol`jin was killed. As part of the Demon Hunter questline, you go inside an area called `Vault of Wardens` which will be a future dungeon. Its not long now until the expansion is released fully.

The Invasions has a touch of Rift about it, a rival MMORPG that started off as a pay for but went Free to Play in the End. In Rift, Invasions play a large part of the game so there`s definately some obvious or unitentional copying. Also now the Legion have space ships and they have more than a passing similarity to the Star Destroyer with their rectangular shape. If fact with space ships, its moving more and more towards sci-fi and away from Fantasy.


Juno Space Probe successful arrives in Jupiter`s Orbit05/07/2016 22:13

After a journey of 1.8 billion miles taking five years to complete, the Juno space probe has finally reached its target, the gas giant planet,the biggest in our solar system, Jupiter. Its mission is to study the planets gasses and hopefully answer as to whether the centre has a core like our own planet or it is fully gaseous. It is the second major probe to reach its target in as many months, after the New Horizons mission to Pluto reached it target last year. New Horizons flew past Pluto as it was unable to slow down compared to Juno which had thrusters to slow itself down to be captured by Jupiter`s enormous gravity. Juno was a slower probe to get to its target than New Horizons because it had to be slowed down to be grabbed by gravity. After the satellite has finished being useful, it will be directed into Jupiter to prevent it from contaminating Jovian moons that might contain life.

It took a thirty minute burst of its rocket to slow itdown. Although the United States paid for most and built most of the probe, The rockets that were used to slow it down were built in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Other countries probably had an involvement as well but they haven`t had as much recognition as the Americans. The information about the rockets was first reported in the Standard newspaper, in the U.K.

The picture below is an artists impression of what the encounter would look like if you was looking out of a spaceship window. If you want to know more, visit the official Home for the Juno project. To those distractors, the Juno probe might not find something useful for our survival as a species but spin-off technology very well may do.

N.A.S.A. artist impression of Juno Probe in orbit round Jupiter


Anton Yelchin has Died?19/06/2016 20:09

Anton Yelchin the Russian born U.S. actor has been reportedly killed in a freak accident involving his car in the early hours. He is best remembered for playing Pavel Chekov in the Reboot version of Star Trek. Before that he was remember for playing a young Kyle Reese in the four Terminator film, Terminator Salvation. Police were alerted when the actor didn`t turn for rehersals.

It was reported on the highly regarded Guardian newspaper amongst others. However Mediamass is reporting it as a death fake. When you look at Mediamass on the internet, its clear that the Guardian is more highly regarded plus also its now been reported on star Trek twitter feed that has died.

Post of Anton Yelchin as Pavel Checkov on the sad news of his death.


Warcraft Movie Review30/05/2016 18:58

SPOILER WARNING After many years in the planning and stop and starts, the Movie has finally arrived. The film`s subtitle, `The Beginning` is a hint of things to come and that there could be more films in the works if this one does well. Its no surprise that this film concentrates on the arrival of the Orcs from Draenor to Azeroth. If you`re coming from a non-Warcraft background, you won`t know the plot or storyline but those of us that do come from that will have a more demanding expectation of the film.

Those who know the lore will expect to see Mannoroth to appear like we saw in the Warlords of Draenor trailer but sadly that the lumbering Pit Lord has not appeared. It starts with an expeditionary group going through the portal and attacking villages in Azeroth. Only the Draenor portal had been built at that time, on the Azeroth end, the portal leads out to a large lake. We only see a brief glimpse of the Draenei who have been captured as Fel-Fuel and we don`t see any part of Draenor except a brief part of Hellfire Peninsula.

The best bits are the recreation of Azeroth, of Stormwind and the Dwarven kingdom of Ironforge but no other kingdom, there`s no Darnassus and the Night Elves or were they Blood Elves were quite laughable in their look to be quite honest. I was expecting a better presentation of the elves. They got the Dwarves right and the Orcs spot on as well. There`s no druids or hunter but there is a scene where Khadgar shows off his mage power. The film does stay faithful to the lore but I just felt it should`ve started with an introductory narrative that so many films do start with and that it should`ve been longer, pushing over 2 and a half hours. That was the weak ponts and also how King Llane Wrynn is killed is also a weak point for me.

If you`re wondering, the film does pass the Bechdel Test where the two leading female characters do talk to one another. There are more females than the Lord of the Rings films and have bigger parts. Lady Taria Wrynn although she doesn`t fight, she does some talking. Garona is the action female of the female characters.

The next film, I`d like to see the creation of the Forsaken , of the Scourge and the rise and subsequent fall of the Arthas Pendragon, better known as the Lich King. Given the level of detail that the designers have put into the game, seeing the Zombies of the Forsaken could push the age restriction up a notch but as the Forsaken and their lore is well known, they have no choice. In the game, the Forsaken aren`t that terrifying because the graphics are poor but if the film is to any justice then zombies need to be realistic.


More Rogue One Character Names Revealed17/05/2016 19:22

Whether by design or unintentionally, we now know the names of some of the new characters in the Star Warsuniverse who will make an appearance in the new film due out at Christmas 2016. The two most important ones are Captain Cassian Andor who we suspect as being the lead male character, maybe even Jyn Erso love interest. Batting for the Galactic Empire is Director Krennic, the man in the white cape in the trailer. What we don`t know yet is what Forest Whitakers character is and who Mads Mikelsen plays, however the later is suspected to be Jyn`s father.

Alan Tudyk, most well known for playing Wash Warren in the short lived Firefly is playing K-250, an enforcement droid that used to be a Galactic Empire robot before being reprogrammed and working for the Rebel Alliance


Rogue One Trailer has been released07/04/2016 23:39

The first trailer has been released showing the first legal footage from the first anthology film, Star Wars - Rogue One has gone public. I say legal, as there have been a few scenes on the web showing what is a non-legitimate leaked release of the film. The film shows the main antagonist, Jyn Erso and gives details about her. Jyn is played by British actress Felicity Jones who was recently seen as Prof. Stephen Hawkins wife in Theory of Everything. After the sorts of comments that followed Star Wars - The Force Awakens about Rey being a female lead, the trolls are going to be working overtime again. There is already speculation that because the descriptions of Rey and Jyn are similar, that they are in fact related as characters.

The character Jyn is a thief, a con-artist and a forger who is sent by the Rebel Alliance on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star. The film is probably going to end with the plans being secreted about the Tantive IV which is where Star Wars IV - A New Hope begins. There`s seven months and a few days to go before the release but it looks like its going to be worth it. Hopefully, it won`t borrow any storyline from other films like what Force Awakens did. The trailer is below, click and it`ll open the trailer in a new window.

First full trailer to Star Wars - Rogue One


New Warcraft Poster25/03/2016 11:58

As we get closer and closer to the release of the first Warcraft movie which is expected to be the first of a trilogy, another poster has been released. It shows the lead protagonists on either side split by a sword as we`ve seen in previous films and also of newer characters which are believed to be Medivh and Khadgar, the two main wizards or as they call them in the game, Warlock and Mage. Medivh, the Human warlock responsible opening the Dark Portal on Azeroth is the one wearing the hood.

There is another poster that is doing the rounds that shows Garona with a midriff showing. In the game, Garona does show her midriff but I haven`t seen it yet in the film trailers that I`ve seen so far. You have to wonder if that one is official or not. The main poster below was shown on their Warcraft Facebook page. In the other poster, Garona is not green which makes you wonder if its actually official. It could well be the earlier was official but they thought it might not attract the wrong type of publicity.

The film only contains two females, Garona and Lady Taria Wrynn, notable females missing include Mage Jaina Proudmore and Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. Lady Sylvanas Windrunner doesn`t count in this because as the Forsaken have yet be created as the Scourge virus had not yet been devised.

New Warcraft poster has been released as we get closer to the release date.


Dwarf sighting in Warcraft Movie20/03/2016 11:18

Up until now, all we`ve seen in the trailers for the Warcraft movie has been humans and Orc but now a new trailer has been released that shows another of the races from the game and that is the Dwarves. In the short clip, we see Anduin Lothar talking to a dwarf. This opens the question as to whether there will be other races such as whether the Night Elf or Tauren will appear. If the Tauren appear, they won`t appear until the end once the Orcs have made a foot hold on the planet. Also in the clip was Gul`dan, the Orc warlock who manipulates the Orc chieftians to attack Azeroth.

One thing that I can be sure of is that they`ll be no Forsaken in the movie. The reason is that in the lore, the Forsaken came about because a fragile peace came about between the Orcs and Humans and the Forsaken were created to continue what the Orcs had failed to do. You can`t exclude the possibilities of other races but one thing for sure is that they`ll be no Pandaren in the movie.

First glimpse of a dwarf in Warcraft Movie


Furthest Galaxy so Far Discovered15/03/2016 09:47

Scientists working with the Hubble space telescope has discovered the furthest galaxy so far discovered. The galaxy has the easy to remember GN-z11. It can be found in the constellation of Ursa Major in the northern hemisphere. It is not something you will be able to see by looking up at the night sky because it is so far away and so dim. The distance has being reported as being 13.4 billion light years away based on how old the galaxy is. Ref: N.A.S.A

The galaxy is believed to have been created a mere 400 million years after the Big Bang that created the universe. It gets its name from its location in the GOODS-North field of galaxies and its high Doppler z-scale. The galaxy is creating stars at about twenty times faster than our galaxy is doing now. You need to put that into prospective as our galaxy at the same time would be generating stars at a faster rate back then as it would be now.

The record will probably stand until the James Webb Space Telescope is launched in October 2018. The JSWT for short is expected to reveal in even more detail the universe and could discover a galaxy even further away but not much futher though given the age of the universe. The only picture that we have of the galaxy is red blob, you won`t see any clarity that you do with say the Andromeda Galaxy.

The only way you`ll be able to visit the galaxy is through a powerful wormhole or by using the Tardis where that distance would be a doddle.

Location of GN-Z11 Galaxy in Ursa Major


First trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII18/02/2016 19:47

The first mini-trailer to Star Wars Episode VIII has been released. It doesn`t show much, it just shows what happened immediately after the credit rolled at the end of Star Wars - The Force Awakens after Rey finally catches up Luke Skywalker on the planet of Ahch-To. The name of the planet has also just been released. Unlike the previous films where the next in the series is set after a breather period, it looks like this one will set immediately after the events of Force Awakens.

All the leading characters from the previous four films (IV, V, VI, VII) are back with the exception of Han Solo who was killed by his son at the end of the previous film (Ben Solo/Kylo Ren). There is no flash back scenes with Han Solo expected within the film. Chewbacca will be back most likely, now partnering up with Rey.

Given how things have happened so far, a main character being killed off in the first film of each trilogy (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and then Han Solo), how a Skywalker lost his hand in the middle film (Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker), you could almost guess what will happen in the middle, another character loosing his hand. If Rey is the child of Skywalker then she`s got something not to look forward to. It`d be disappointing if that did happen.

Star Wars VIII Announcement Trailer


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