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Star Wars at Madame Tussauds02/08/2015 15:13

So being interested in all things Star Wars, visited the Madame Tussauds star Wars Exhibition in Baker Street, London. They`ve recreated a number of scenes from the films, some of which you can pretend to be in. The scene below is from Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back. Other scenes include Jabba, the Hutt`s court, fight between Jedis and Darth Maul. The exhibition is at the end of the journey but before you get that exhibition, there are other non-Star Wars scenes and poses you can get your picture taken with. Be sure that when you go, you go early to beat the crowds and also make sure you buy the Star Wars exhibition pass.

Scene from Empire Strikes Back at Madame Tussauds


Maybe life did hitch a ride on a Comet after all.30/07/2015 22:28

It had been reported recently that the rosetta space probe which had been sent into space to rendezvous with comet Churyumov Gerasimenko had discovered that the comet didn`t have the right kind of water in its mix and therefore couldn`t have the necessary ingredients (amino acids) and so not be the right candidate for life to have hitch-hiked across the galaxy to our planet to kick start life. After further analysis, it has now been found that the Comet does contain some organic compounds which over years under the right conditions could turn into life as we know it or don`t know it. 1


N.A.S.A. Reveals a possible Earth 2.023/07/2015 19:35

N.A.S.A. scientists that working on the kepler space telescope have revealed that they have discovered an extrasolar planet (exoplanet) that is very similar to our our planet Earth. The planet is about 1.6x the size of our planet and is in the Goldilocks zone round its star Kepler 452. The fact that is located in the Goldilocks Zone increases the chances that there are Aliens out there and we are not alone. However the planet is about 1,400 Light Years away in the constellation of Cygnus and would take 1400 years travelling at the speed of light to get there. More information on this planet can be found can be found on the Kepler 452b dedicated page.

Earth 2.0 Kepler 452b in the Constellation of Cygnus


Arrival-at-Pluto-Imminent13/07/2015 20:40

Tomorrow marks the arrival of the New Horizons mission to Pluto mission to Pluto probe at Pluto, the largest dwarf-planet in the kuiper belt. It`ll mark the end of a nine and half journey for the intrepid probe that was launched into space on January 19th, 2006. In the time its taken to get there, Pluto has been downgraded from being a planet to being a dwarf planet because its orbit round the sun isn`t clear of objects. So far we have learnt is that Pluto is bigger than we thought it was, it is 2,370 Km in diameter. More details are coming out all the time and we should hopefully see some better photos. Here`s a photo of Pluto with its bigger moon, Charon, not to scale and what we know of it at the moment.

Photo of Pluto and Charon


Extended Batman Vs. Superman Trailer at Comic-Con11/07/2015 23:37

A new extended trailer for Batman Vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice was previewed at the Comic-Con conference. We get to see what made Bruce Wayne hate Clarke Kent so much and it would seem to be about what happened at the end of the last Man of Steel where Superman fought to the death General Zod. It doesn`t give too much away, you do see Lex Luthor. Jeremy Irons takes over from Michael Caine as the Alfred, British butler of Bruce Waye,

Batman Vs. Superman Comic-Con Special Trailer


Star Wars Feature at Comic-Con11/07/2015 13:36

Comic-Con in San Diego is the biggest annual entertainment and comic book convention in the world. It is the place that studios tend to release their forthcoming film attractions to the world. A lot of the Visitors who go there dress up in cosplay in honour of their heros on screen and some times game. This year has been no different, a Star Wars special reel was released and Harrison Ford, who is known for playing Han Solo and indiana Jones made his first public appearance since his incident flying a plane in March this year. The special reel has been uploaded to Youtube and can be seen by clicking the picture below, be aware, there are spoilers in it.

Star Wars

Also, news came out this week that another stand-alone star Wars movie is to be made and will be released on the 25th May 2018, it will be based on Han Solo. The film will explore the early adventures of Han Solo before he met Obi-Wan Kenobi, the young Luke Skywalker and the droids in Mos Eisley, Tatooine in Star Wars IV - A New Hope. It might be a case of when "When Han Solo met Chewbacca. ", a play on the eighties film ("When Harry Met Sally").

Also a dedicated Star Wars app for both Apple and Android phones was brought to my attention. It looks free but as I`ve not been able to download it as my phones are compatible yet so haven`t been able to review. Although it might be free, be aware of any add-ons that it might offer you and how much it downloads. Its an official Disney application. The official page can be found here.


First picture of Star Trek Beyond04/07/2015 14:45

Its been known that the third Star Trek film to come to the cinemas starring amonst others Chris Pine as Capt. James Tiberius Kirk is to be called Star Trek Beyond where hopefully the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A on its five year mission to explore new worlds and go boldly where no man has gone before. The previous two films Star Trek XI and Star Trek, Into Darkness have mainly been about setting up the crew for their journeys together. One of the previous disappointments has been the lack of galactic exploration which in the new film, they are expected to move beyond our Solar System for the climax.

It was also announced recently that Zacahary Quinto who plays Spock and Chris Pine who plays Kirk have agreed to do the fourth film. Currently, there is no Star Trek series in production. An idea for a new series called Star Trek Andromeda has been pitched by the original domain of StarTrekBeyond where Starfleet receives a signal from the Andromeda galaxy and they despatch a spaceship to investigate. This might sound a little like Stargate Atlantis where the Stargate Team Venture to the Pegasus Galaxy for exploration, different purpose but essentially the same idea, explore another galaxy.

The film is being directed by Justin Lin who is more well known for the Fast and Furious film series starring Vin Diesel, of Richard B. Riddick fame. The film is due out next year in the fiftieth year of the Star Trek franchise. The film is rumoured to have a new alien race that will be antagonists and Idris Elba is believed to be playing an alien. The first picture of the film has been released, its not much but it gives an idea.

First shot from Star Trek Beyond


Imagine if Star Wars took place above Earth...30/06/2015 21:57

Imagine if the war that took place a long time ago far far away suddenly entered a wormhole and ended up in our Milky Way. First of all, everyone would be running for their lives from the battle that is taking place. The Earth defence forces would utilised to try and capture or failing that destroy the vehicles. One French Artist Nicolas Amiard has tried to imagine what would happen and has come up with pictures of famous Star Wars vehicles crashing all over the planet with the Millenium Falcon off the coast of New York and a massive star Destroyer in Paris. The picture below is of a T.I.E. Fighter in London. If anyone can recognise the street, please do let me know, its somewhere in the City of London.

T.I.E. Fighter from Star Wars crashes in London


Enjoy the lay-in tomorrow everyone....30/06/2015 21:43

Tonight when you go to sleep, you have a second longer at sleep than you did last night. Sorry, its not much but it does have wide ranging consequences to those machines that rely on time being so accurate. Computers that require the time to be accurate will have to be updated, these include financial institutions such as the stock markets. Most institutions will be ready for it given that they change times twice a year, once about end of October and the other end of March.

The reason for the leap second is because of the time it takes the Earth to rotate round the sun is not always precisely 86,400 seconds a day, it can be affected by the pull of the Moon, the Sun and even the molten iron core. To ensure that time is correct, the leap second was created in 1972.

The Metro newspaper of the United Kingdom came up with second facts that are interesting to read. For example, during a second of time, 4.3 people will be born but only 1.8 there by increasing the number of people on this Earth. 11 trees will be felled/chopped down in the Amazon rain forest and 1,120 tons of carbon dioxide will be released. Depressing reading when you think of it.


Summer Solstice Today21/06/2015 14:53

Today is the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, the day of the year when day is longest and night is shortest. The opposite is the 21st December when the day is shortest and the night the longest. In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true. The reason for this is that the Earth is tilted at an angle of roughly 23%, caused when the Earth was young and a meteor or planetoid smashed into the Earth. It is not the only planet that is tilted, Uranus is also titled but that tilt is a little more extreme. Uranus rotates on its sides.

The term Solstice comes from Latin where Sol means Sun and Sistere means to stand still. During the ancient times at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, celebrations and ceremonies would be held. People still congregate there, some who call themselves druids go for religious reasons and others for fun. Rumours and speculations include that during the Solstice, ancient Celts practiced human sacrifice to appease the gods.

The Summer Solstice marks the official start of summer until the Autumn/Fall Equinox on the 21st of September. The Equinox is when the length of day is the same as the length of night. On the 21st March, the opposite Equinox occurs in that Spring begins and then days becomes longer than the nights.


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