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Another Han Solo Trailer

Its not very long now until the new Star Wars film arrives in the cinema. A new trailer reveals more of the plot but enough not to give it all away. In addition to the new trailer, the run time has been released, the film will be 2 Hours and 23 Mins, not the longest but one of the longest in the franchise series. Jabba, the Hutt is still missing from the trailer so as to whether he is in the film or the producers are just keeping him as a surprise is a secret.

The film does look like a heist movie, Han Solo and Chewbacca being recruited by Tobias Beckett to steal something on a moving train for a big time gangster. The gangster could well be Jabba but the next shot is of someone else who it is believed to be Paul Brettany and not some slug creature.

There are reports that the antagonist is female and her name is Enfys Nest and is believed to be the person in the helmet you see in the trailer. There is speculation that Qi'ra is the person in the mask which then will go someway to explaining why Qi'ra and Han Solo go separate ways. Screenrant

Tobias tells Han that to assume that everyone will betray him. If you remember though, Lando Calrissian betrayed Han Solo to Darth Vader at the end of Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back so it could well be alluding to that and not to Qi'ra.

We're not introduced to any characters we not see in the previous trailer. We do see a planet that is industrialised which we can probably safely say is Corellia, the home planet of Han Solo. Corellia has yet to make any appearance in any movies yet so where better to make a first appearance than in its favourite son's movie.

Chewbacca gets close to another Wookie which rumours suggest could be a girlfriend or his wife. In the unofficial Christmas special, Chewbacca had a wife and child therefore the Wookie could be Malla, his wife. Aslo seen in the trailer is the Millennium Falcon which has the middle bit filled unlike how we remember it in the older films. As for the Imperials, we see some Stormtroopers and an AT-ST in addition to the Star Destroyer and Tie Fighters that we saw in the first trailer.

Han Solo's Second Trailer

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