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Another Life, Another Review

Another Life, is a brand new series released in July 2019 by Netflix. The series centres around an alien artifact arriving on Earth and when scientists discover where the artifact is sending messages to, a group of astronauts are sent to investigate.

The main lead of the series is Nico Breckenridge, an astronaut, a wife and a mother. Nico is sent into space to lead the mission to visit Pi Canis Majoris, a star in the southern constellation of Canis Major, or Big Dog. The character is played by Katee Sackhoff, who is probably best remembered for playing Kara Thrace in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series.

The only recognisable actor is Tyler Hoechlin who has previously been seen as Clark Kent in the C.W. Arrowverse. If you recognise anyone else, do let me know.

The series just doesn't centre around the astronauts on the spaceship, it also follows scientists back home as they examine the artifact. One of the early discoveries is where the artifact is sending messages to, the discovery is done off screen. In the first episode, they discover how the spaceship knew where to come and first contact is made, a la Close Encounters, through music.

Spoiler In the future, scientists send a piece of music to Pi Canis Major. Oh did, I forget to mention, it is set in the near future, the clothes and appearance hasn't made quite the leap yet. The clothes are not much different from the style we wear today. There's no Star Trek style uniform.

Spaceships require people to sleep so they don't waste away so that they can conserve resources such as food until they really need it. Nico gets woken up early when the spaceship reaches Sirius, one of closest and brightest stars in the night sky. Sirius is a double star but we only see the larger of the two stars in the first episode at least.

We know they'll be aliens but we don't see any in the first episode, wouldn't want to give everything away too early would we. The aliens will come at the end of the journey, otherwise who built and sent the ship.

When one of the crew wants to take a different course of action to Nico, an uprising begins and Nico is put back to sleep. When the plan goes wrong, Nico is revived and is returned to head of the mission. There is a struggle for power and it doesn't end well for one of the crew, especially when its the first episode.

It will take a few episodes to get to find out more. Unlike Star Trek, the episodes are not stand alone, it is all one continuous story throughout.

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