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Are there any planets in other galaxies?

There are an estimated one hundred billion galaxies in the universe and that number could be an underestimated amount. Our galaxy only has one special thing going for it and that is that its or home. Apart from that, there is nothing special about it. Other galaxies out there are just like ours with countless stars, nebulas and black holes.

In June 2009, Gabriele Ingrosso from the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics discovered what could be the first extra-galactic Extrasolar Planet(Exoplanet). in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy also referred to as Messier 31 is the only galaxy that is visible with the naked eye. The galaxy is twice the size as our Milky Way , Extra-Galactic refers to something outside our own galaxy.

Using Pixel-Lensing, where you use the light of a nearby star to magnify something further away, he was able to detect a planet in orbit round a star in that galaxy. It proved possible that it was both possible to look at other galaxies and that planets were not just a Milky Way feature.

The planet is too far away to determine as to whether there is life on the planet or not. We still haven't found any signs of life on any of the planets in that we have detected so far. At the time of writing, 4048 planets have been discovered according to planetary log keepers at EU Exoplanets.

For indepth detail about what Gabriele and his team did, you can read the paper at Cornell University document library.

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