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What is the difference between Astrology and Astronomy?

Someone recently said of me that I was into astrology when he actually meant astronomy and I had to correct him. I thought I'd explain it here for those who are interested. Astrology is the study of the twelve or thirteen constellations or as they are more commonly known, starSigns of the Zodiac that are supposed to indicate what the future lies for you. I say twelve or thirteen because in the whole, its twelve but some see there being thirteen, the thirteenth is Ophiuchus. What constitutes a Zodiac sign is a constellation that appears when the Sun goes down of an evening. The Zodiac periods are for when astrology was first invented however as our solar system moves round the milky way, the periods are out of sync which is why there is a thirteenth sign.

Astronomy is the study of the Stars, the planets and everything that is out there, to discover what we don't know. Astronomy allows us to look into the future but not in the same way as Astrology does, i.e. on a non-personal level, e.g. see what stars might go supernova. Astronomy also allows us to look into the past, see the evidence of The Big Bang, the beginning of the universe, the widely recognised theory of how the Universe started. When we look at Stars light years away, we are looking at how things were years ago, for example, when we look at Rigil Kentaurus which is about 4 light years away in the constellation of Centaurus, we are looking at it as it was four years ago. Rigil Kentaurus is better known as Alpha Centauri, the second closest star to Earth after the Sun. Astronomy is also but not limited to looking for aliens and Extrasolar Planets (Exoplanets) which can support life like ours. Astrology is just limited to the Zodiac signs whereas Astronomy is so vast. Astrology does use the paths of the planets such as Jupiter and Saturn to determine what the fortune holds but they don't study the planets themselves.

There's no harm in looking reading about your star sign, I do it whenever I can, hoping the star sign says you will win the Lottery. If the star sign for Taurus said you'll win the lottery and every Taurian will be rubbing their hands with glee but astrology won't apply to everyone. If it did say a Taurian would win, there's nothing to say a Libran or a Scorpion wouldn't also win. Astrology also guides their followers to who they are best matched with. Astrologers group the Zodiac into one of four elemental groups and within those groups, people are best suited with being of the same type. (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) . Water Signs ( Cancer, Scorpius, Pisces). Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricornus) and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Cosmology and Astrophysics are other terms that apply to Astronomy and nothing to do with Astrology. Its hard to get a definitive idea of what the difference is of Astronomy and Cosmology is, when looking at inspirations, there is a blurred separator between the two and hard to put into words. Astronomy, Cosmology and Astrophysics is all about looking at the fundamentals of space, what is our there, why things happen etc.

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