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August Meteor Showers


The biggest meteor shower of the month is the Perseids which occur from a spot to the north of Miram (Eta Persei). The best time to see the meteor shower is anytime after dark. Due to the location of Perseus, the more south you are, the less likely you are going to be able to see them. For those people in Sydney, the Perseids will only be visible in the early morning, we're talking 6 a.m on the horizon when its light so it'll be hard to spot. The peak date for the meteor shower is about the 12th August.


The Alpha Capricornids will still be visible in the early part of the month, seen in southerly direction. The peak is at the beginning of the month, 3rd August. The radiant point will now be in the neighbouring constellation of Aquarius. You will need to wait until dark at about 10pm to be able to see them. They aren't one of the major meteor showers but there a lot of interest in them though.

The Alpha-Capricornids are more easier to see in the southern hemisphere as they can be seen higher in the sky than in the northern hemisphere. The Alphas are also visible in the previous month as well.

Delta Aquariids

There are two Delta Aquariids, the Northern and the Southern. The Southern appeared in July, climaxing about the 28th July whilst the Northern Delta Aquariids will reach maxium on 13/14th August.

Piscis Austrinids

The Piscis Austrinids are a meteor shower which being in the southern hemisphere is the advantage here. The further north you are, the harder it is for you to see them. The peak radiant day is 28th July but they are still visible into the start of August.

Kappa Cygnids

The Kappa Cygnids are visible for the most part of August, situated mainly in the northern hemisphere between Kappa Cygni and Altais in neighbouring Draconis. Those in the southern hemisphere maybe lucky to see the meteor shower but only those in the northern part of the southern hemisphere, so we're probably talking Darwin.

Alpha Aurigds

The Alpha-Aurigids just make it into August list. They will be more prominent in the following month.

Eta Eridanids

The Eta Eridanids are a short meteor shower that only appears during a small number of hours during the night compared to other stars. The peak is the 9th August.

List of Other August Meteor Showers

Meteor ShowerMax DateConstellation
Southern Iota Aquariids6/7th AugustAquarius
August Omicron Cetids10th AugustCetus
August Nu Aquariids12th AugustAquarius
Northern Delta Aquariids13/14th AugustAquarius
delta Librids14th AugustLibra
August Delta Capricornids19th AugustCapricornus
Daytime Gamma Leonids22th AugustLeo
Eta Serpentids24th AugustSerpens
Northern Iota Aquariids25/26th AugustAquarius
Gamma Leonids25/26th AugustLeo
Daytime Chi Leonids27th AugustLeo
Gamma Doradids28th AugustDorado

Final Note

If you think I've missed any, do let me know.

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