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Avengers Endgame Trailer Premieres

Its finally been released after so many false starts, the final concluding part to this year's (2018) Avengers movie. If you have not seen it already, go and watch and then come back as there's spoilers ahead.

The ultimate enemy of the Marvel universe, Thanos has gained possession of all the Infinity Stones and has used them, wiping out fifty percent of life in the Universe. The Avengers need to regroup and work out what to do next. A lot of the characters will be returning to confront Thanos but some might not as they were wiped out.

Thanos was driven to protect the Universe from what he saw was the downfall of his planet Titan. He saw the downfall caused by overpopulation and he wanted to stop it from happening elsewhere by wiping out half the population.

Although the film doesn't give away too much, it does show familiar faces who have survived, for example, Tony Stark, alone in space. Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America is now shaven. Missing from the previous one, Ant-man and Hawkeye now make appearances.

You will need to wait until just after Easter to find out how they do it. In addition to Endgame, we also have Captain Marvel and Spiderman, Far from Home coming out next year. Captain Marvel will be the first comic from Marvel to have a female character lead and see her gain her powers to fight the Skrulls, a lizard like alien race with the ability to shapeshift.

For those who prefer D.C. Comics, we have Aquaman coming in the next few weeks. Although Aquaman is set firmly on Terra Firma, he joined the Justice League to fight Steppenwolf last year. Justice League films don't seem to be having quite the success that Marvel seem to be having at the moment, especially where you have an over-active Lex Luthor and shouting "Martha" can stop a fight. D.C. have decided to just concentrate now on individual characters rather than teaming them up.

Marvel's Avenger's Endgame

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