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Battlestar Galactica moves to the movies

It doesn't seem all that long ago since Battlestar Galactica was last on the television in the form of four series. That was a remake of the earlier late seventies television series featuring all the same characters plus a few extras. What with the rejuvenated Star Wars franchise with its Star Wars - The Force Awakens doing well at the cinema, Universal Pictures have started to think about rejuvenating its sci-fi franchise once more.

In brief, the series tells of an armada of ships fleeing their home worlds in search of Earth in the hope of finding help against the robotic Cylons. Leading the fleet is Commander William Adama as he has done in both the original and re-imagined series. Both previous series have been on television because their stories are so long and only a series can do that justice. That hasn't put off the Universal management from doing a new series including a film series. ref:Guardian

There have been movies before, in the original line, they had films containing scenes of episodes merged together. The 2003 series had Razor and The Plan films both of which were original, although there were a few scenes copied from the episodes but mainly they were new.

They have allegedly found a writer and a director to make the films. No news has been released as to who would be cast in the roles of the lead characters. It is alleged that Lisa Joy of Westworld fame is scripting the story with Francis Lawrence in the frame to direct. Lawrence has provoked the largest amount of noise as to whether he is best to direct or not. ref:Deadline

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