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Lost Beagle 2 has been found on Mars

On Christmas Day 2003, Scientists waited with baited breathe to hear the sound of Blur, the Brit-pop band broadcast from the surface of Mars. The song had been composed especially for the european space agency (E.S.A.) to herald the fact that the British made Beagle 2 lander had indeed landed on the Red planet. However as the hours went on, the hope turned to disappointment as nothing was heard from the red planet.

Beagle 2 had been the brainchild of Professor Colin Pillinger, Open University Scientist who when hearing that E.S.A. planned to put a satellite round Mars persuaded the British Government and ESA to allow him and his team to build a probe to land to the planet. The pictures below are of Beagle 2 landing site and an artists impression of Beagle 2 on Mars.

Beagle 2 Artists Impressions and the Landing site on Mars
Beagle 2 Artists Impressions and the Landing site on Mars
Scientists now believe that they have discovered what happened to Beagle 2 after what looks like the probe being photographed and pictures released. 1. In pictures on the ESA website, they show the probe slightly bigger.

Preliminary results from the pictures have suggested that the probe successfully landed and didn't smash into pieces but the atennae that is used to communicate back to Earth failed to extend. The subsequent enquiry that was carried out concluded that the team behind the project was ill-prepared and the task was too big for the group.2.

Sadly, Professor Colin Pillinger did not live long enough to see the pictures that had been released today by ESA. Colin died on the 7th May, 2014, two days before his 71st Birthday. After the disappointment of Beagle 2, he remained upbeat and hoped to try with Beagle 3 but never got round to building it. Beagle 2 was named after the ship that Charles Darwin, the person who came up with the theory of evolution.

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