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Blizzard relents with flying and Jurassic World homage.

To fly or not to fly in Draenor in World of Warcraft has been one of the most contentious subjects surrounding the ten year old MMORPG. After first saying that flying was not going to return until 6.1 patch and then saying it wasn't going to return false stop, the developers Blizzard Entertainment has now changed its mind. In addition to the opening of the last mainland Draenor zone, Tanaan Jungle, flying becomes a reality. However there is a catch with flying. The player must on one character obtain a number of achievements before you are granted the right to fly in Draenor. In addition to be able to fly, you will also be awarded a Rynak, the two headed flying creature to fly on. You only need the meta achievement on one character and then all your characters including those between 90-100 will get to be able to fly in Draenor. The achievements are :-

    • - Explore Draenor, Visit all the points of interest as dictated in each of the zonal achievments. Easy.
      - Securing Draenor, complete daily Assault missions, e.g. Assault on the Pit. If you are impatient, you can buy the missions for 200 garrison supplies from your Garrison seller. Remember to go with a bodyguard so he gets rep whilst you carry out the required kills.
      - Loremaster Draenor Complete every zone's quests and get the relevant achievement for it. For Nagand, get the Nagrandeur achievement etc.
      - Master Treasure Hunter Collect 100 treasures hidden round all the zones, some are very easy to get, others not so. You only need 100 treasures to find, not 200 of the Grand Treasure Hunter achivement requirement. If you need help, you can buy treasure maps off the relevant vendor in Ashran Island. The maps will mark the locations of all the treasures. Some treasures will be underground, others overground. The items will be tiny in places so a good pair of eyes is a must.
      - Tanaan Diplomat - You need to get revered reputation with three of the Tanaan factions in the new zone. All the other requirements can be done before Tanaan opens but this achievement is only achieveable when the zone opens. I suspect you will be able to do dailies for the rep.
  • The final catch is that flying will only be available once the above items have been done and Blizzard releases a small 6.2.x patch later in the coming weeks. Will it be enough to entice the millions that left since the start of the expansion is open to discussion.

    On a different note, the fourth film in the Jurassic franchise has been released, the first three were known as Jurassic Park, the fourth has been title Jurassic World, a break from the past. Someone has spent time, money and effort to recreate the Jurassic world trailer using Warcraft characters, just sit back, watch and enjoy. As those who play World of Warcraft will know dinosaurs appear frequently throughout the game whether it be in Un'Goro Crater or in Siege of Orgrimmar.

    Warcraft fan plays homage to Jurassic World movie.

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