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Britains MOD Release UFO Files

The British Government has released more UFO files that include details relating to the rendlesham forest incident in Suffolk, 1980. The Rendlesham Forest was an alleged UFO incident near R.A.F. Woodbridge using by the U.S.A.F. Another incident involves UFO sightings in Belgium where fighter planes were scrambled to intercept the UFOS. It covers communications sent by NATO command sent to the British Government reporting on the incidents. These files cover the period 1981-1996 and contain over 4000 pages.

In 1996, there were 609 incidents which the fact that Independence Day Movie and The X-Files were broadcast on television and in the cinema which would suggest a link. 609 incidents is more than the previous years incidents added together. Other incidents include where an orange airship advertising the Ford Mondeo was mistaken for a flying ship. A lot of reports were received by investigators about these incidents and a lot of them bore similarities to old science fiction films. The files can be downloaded from National Archives for a small price. The files aren't clearly labelled so you won't know which files contain Rendlesham incident.

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