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Calling all Mars Volunteers

It has been reported in the press that NASA wants volunteers for a trip to Mars. There is one almighty catch though, you won be coming back. There will be living quarters there for you and youll be expected to fend mostly for yourself. Youll have to grow your own food with occasional supplies coming from Earth but be mainly self-sufficient. Advantages include not having to deal with problems that exist Earth such as wars, disease and Acts of God (Hurricanes, Volcanic Eruptions, etc).

One future problem might be population growith as the volunteers cannot be expected to be celibate or sterilised before they go. How would they cope with living in a bubble base on Mars? Funding for the project is being done by a mixture of private and government organisation. It is expected to cost around $10 Billion and be ready for 2030. The Worlds Billionaires are being asked to contributed to the cost of the endeavour. For more information click here. Would you volunteer?

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