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Dark Matter comes to an End

The Canadian sci-fi series Dark Matter will not be renewed for a fourth series and has been cancelled. The show followed a group of amnesiac criminals plus an orphan as they traverse the galaxy to survive. It had been running for the past three years. The cancellation had been due to falling viewer numbers I presume. The press release was released on Joseph Mallozzi, producer and artist's Official Blog.

The group was led by Portia Lin, who it turned out to be a synthetic female, not created in the same way as you me. In the last episodes, it was discovered that she had a child but we don't get to see them be reunited. Portia was played by Melissa O'Neil who won the Canadian Idol in 2005 and slimmed down and got fit since that time.

The series also starred Antony Lemke and Roger Cross, both not new to science fiction, both had starred in Andromeda albeit in different episodes and not together. Zoie Palmer played the role of Android, the female artificial robot, Zoie played her character like a robot and not as a real person unlike for example Rommie was too human.

Alex Mollari Jr, played the role of Ryo Tetsuda, an Emperor of Zairon who was unseated by his mother-in-law and having his brother put in place instead. Ryo would manage to regain his crown at the end of the second series, only to loose it again in an uprising at the end of the third series.

The girl with the green hair, Emily Kolburn was an orphan but we learnt in the last ever episode who her mother was and it was a surprise. We also learnt and briefly through a memory of her sister but we never met her in the storyline.

The man to the left of Emily was Derrick Moss who had come onboard the Raza in the hope of finding a murderer. Derrick was killed at the beginning of the second series and made a few guest appearances throughout the series.

The series also featured guest appearances from two actors who appeared in Stargate Atlantis, an offshoot series of the main one. The only thing that the series didn't have were aliens, however this was being rectified if you can say that at the end of the third series but we didn't get to see much of them. The aliens were able to control the minds of other people. At the very end, we see a massive seemingly alien space ship coming through a wormhole.

The science fiction show could still have a reprieve but at the moment, the series has been officially cancelled by Space T.V. in Canada. Another network could pick it up and run with it but we'll have to see. Its not the first time a series has been taken over by another network when one has dropped out. Although not science fiction but the first such series to spring to mind is Ripper Street. Ripper Street was first produced by B.B.C. but when the BBC didn't want anymore to do with it, Amazon Prime took over the show and produced a few more in conjunction with B.B.C. who would later show it on terrestrial television. Fingers crossed.

Group picture of the characters from the Dark Matter series

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