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Doctor Who is 50 years old

Doctor Who, the worlds longest running science fiction series celebrates its fiftieth year on Saturday 23rd. Although it had a break in the nineties and half of the first decade of the twenty first century, its loyal fan base has never waned. It is three years older than Star Trek. The Doctor is an alien from the planet Gallifrey who traverses time and space defeating and putting to rights the chaos caused by his enemies such as the The Master, a rival timelord and aliens such as the The Daleks. When the actors playing the character leave the series, the Doctor regenerates. There have been a series of programmes over the week celebrating the series, culminating in a feature length episode 'Day of the Doctor' to be broadcast on Saturday. It features two of the actors who have played the Doctor plus an additional doctor, known as 'The War Doctor'.

Other programmes on UK TV to coincide with the event include a culture show special on the Doctor on BBC2 (9:30pm) followed by the Science of Doctor Who presented by Professor Brian Cox from the University of Manchester. There's also the Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who on BBC3 at 7pm. Over the weekend, Channel Five is broadcasting the two Doctor Who films starring Peter Cushing that was made in the sixties.

Google has come up with a Google Doodle on their home page to celebrate Doctor Who. It is a game where you have 11 lives, one for each Doctor as you collect letters of Google, avoiding The Daleks. For those who can remember, the game is similar to the old 8-bit Head over Heel isometric game. Just is case, you're trying, you can't play it here, you have to go to Google to play it.

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