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Doctor Who Series 10 starts a week today

Not long now, only a week to go before Doctor Who Series 10 starts. Its only series 10 if you forget the classic episodes, otherwise its series 35. It's going to be the last series that Peter Capaldi will play The Doctor before regenerating in the Christmas episode to whom, we still don't know. The lead writer on the series, Steven Moffat will also be leaving, being replaced by Chris Chibnall who is no stranger to the Doctor Who series. Chris has written for example, 42 in 2007. Chris will have a completely new slate to work with.

For this series, The Doctor will have two assistants, Bill Potts and Nordale. We've met Nordale before in the previous two Christmas episodes. The new female companion is Bill Potts, a university dinner lady more experienced in serving chips than defeating aliens. The Doctor is a lecturer at the university when he whisks Bill on the adventures of her lifetime. In previous series, its funny all new companions always seem to know what a Dalek is but this time, Bill will be asking all those questions that a companion would ask. If every companion asked the same question, it'd get boring and tedious wouldn't it and after all everyone watching already knows the answer.

Bill is going to be the first companion who is a lesbian but she won't be the first LBG character, the first was Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack isn't classed as a companion in the same way as Clara Oswald, the Doctor's previous companion and longest in recent times.

In addition to the Daleks who appear in the first episode, other enemies will be appearing such as the Martian Ice Warriors and this time they'll be a female Ice Warrior, so lacking from previous episodes. Mondasian Cybermen will also make an appearance. What makes these different to the previous versions of the Cybermen in the new series of Doctor Who is that they are based on the original Cybermen complete with cloths over their faces rather than plastic coverings. The Mondasian Cybermen are presumably a reference to the origins of the Cyber-race so to speak, soon after Mondas moved out of the solar systems orbit.

Pearl Mackie the new companion only appears for the tenth series and is the second non-white companion to appear as an companion. The first was Martha Jones who also only stayed for one series but made guest appearances when Donna Noble was the primary companion. Martha returned in The Doctor's Daughter for example. Some people have cried foul that she's only in it for one series. The advantage of Bill leaving after just one series is that Chris will be able to not only cast a new Doctor but also cast a new companion as well. According to the Daily Star, Pearl made an unforgivable mistake of not knowing how the TARDIS is powered. Pearl is an actress not a Whovian, she's not going to know absolutely everything about the Doctor Who series. After she's got her pay cheque, she'll just move on. The question was quite evil, they should have asked an easier one, one not designed to catch her out.

Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer

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