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Dwarf sighting in Warcraft Movie

Up until now, all we've seen in the trailers for the Warcraft movie has been humans and Orc but now a new trailer has been released that shows another of the races from the game and that is the Dwarves. In the short clip, we see Anduin Lothar talking to a dwarf. This opens the question as to whether there will be other races such as whether the Night Elf or Tauren will appear. If the Tauren appear, they won't appear until the end once the Orcs have made a foot hold on the planet. Also in the clip was Gul'dan, the Orc warlock who manipulates the Orc chieftains to attack Azeroth.

One thing that I can be sure of is that they'll be no Forsaken in the movie. The reason is that in the lore, the Forsaken came about because a fragile peace came about between the Orcs and Humans and the Forsaken were created to continue what the Orcs had failed to do. You can't exclude the possibilities of other races but one thing for sure is that they'll be no Pandaren in the movie.

First glimpse of a dwarf in Warcraft Movie

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