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Elder Scrolls has gone Unlimited

The Elder Scrolls Online game has now gone Free-To-Play after only less than a year at being subscription based. The game has also gone up to being rated 18 and if you`re are returning to the game, you will be asked that you are ok with that. You`ll need to buy the game if you`ve not already bought it but then how much and when you pay is up to you. You can buy a horse from the store straight away if you are willing to pay for one, no need to level up to a medium level to get one.

The Races are the same as they were before, no additional ones, and there`s a very limited number of classes, four that can be played but at least there`s no Pandarens. Graphic quality is much higher in this game than in World of Warcraft. It does contain everything you would expect from a MMO. The game keeps the same look and feel as Skyrim but on a more massive multi-player scale. On the European servers, there are no language specific realms so chat can contain multiple languages.

Tamriel Unlimited Launch Trailer

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