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Evidence of Possible Life on Mars Found

Whether or not there is life on Mars has captured the minds of many people. Those people include science fiction writers such as H.G. Wells who wrote about an invasion from Mars through to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) and other agencies who have spent billions trying to uncover the truth of whether there was life or not.

The latest evidence of possible life on mars was released on Thursday 7th June 2018. In a new study published in Science magazine, it was said that NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity may have found something. Curiosity found some organic material that is over 3.5 billion years old. This has led to some people suggesting that life on Earth may have first started on Mars before being transferred to Earth where life was then able to flourish into what see and know today. Independent

Life failed to start on Mars because it has no atmosphere and no magnetic shielding to protect it from the Sun's rays. What shielding and atmosphere would have been lost because the planet didn't have a strong enough gravity to hold on to it. If Venus and Mars had been the other way round in terms of location, maybe, Venus would have life. Venus is marginally smaller than Earth and much larger than Mars. For Venus to have had life in the Martian position, you would have hoped it didn't have the poisonous atmosphere that so tipifies the planet.

The presence of water on the planet and it having lakes and oceans isn't new, its been covered before and on this site. In addition to organic matter, the scientists have looked at Methane which is reportedly built up under the atmosphere and is released over time. On Earth, methane is produced in nature which is why methane discovery is of interest.

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