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Exoplanet equivalents of Star Wars Planets

N.A.S.A. released a press release on the 1st of May, just in time for Star Wars Day to state which planets in our galaxy were most closest to those in the entertainment series. All the main Star Wars planets are covered except the planet that the Rebels launched the attack on the Death Star from, Yavin IV. They have not said that any of the planets contain life, only that the planets are similiar to one another.


The exoplanet that mirrors Coruscant is Kepler 452b in the constellation of Cygnus. Coruscant was the location of the Jedi Temple and the seat of Emperor Palpatine which featured heavily in the prequels. Although it is not saying that the planet is Coruscant, it is saying the characteristics match, the size, location, etc.


The giant gas planet that Han Solo and Princess Leia sought safety from Darth Vader is most like the planet orbiting Hip 11915. Both planets are gaseous in nature but they are not saying that the planet is hospitable as it was in the films.


Mustafar was the lava strewned planet that featured at the end of the Revenge of The Sith. In the film, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi faced off one another in an epic lightsaber battle above the lava. For this, N.A.S.A. identified two possible equivalent planets, Kepler 10b and Kepler 78b. Kepler 10b was the first rocky planet that was discovered as part of the kepler space telescope project.


Hoth was the cold planet that The Rebel Alliance sought sanctuary after having successfully blown up The Galactic Empire's Death Star at the end of the previous film. The planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390L is a cold planet, a planet that is too cold for even Wampas and Taun-Taun in real life. The planet is in the constellation of Scorpius, near the centre of the galaxy.


The vast majority of stars out there are binary stars so it was inevitable that would find at least one candidate for the desert world. The planet is famous for having two stars in the sky, Tatoo-I and Tatoo-II. The planet that has been chosen to be resemble Tatooine is Kepler-16b


Kamino was the watery world whose inhabitants were master cloners. They were hired to create the Stormtroopers clone soldiers. Kepler-22b is believed to be a planet over twice the size of the Earth and to have water on its surface.

Moon of Endor and Alderaan

For the remaining two planets, they did actually specify an actual planet, just descriptions. Scientists believe they may have discovered an Exomoon but they are reconsidering that now. For Alderaan, they've said they've noticed planets that have been destroyed but not actually named any.

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