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Finally Here, the Warcraft Movie Trailer

Its finally here, the trailer to Warcraft, the Movie. The story is set on Azeroth and is a film adaptation of World of Warcraft, one of the last subscription based MMORPGs currently out there. It was last revealed that the game has 5.5 million players, down from 12 million players when the Lich King expansion was out in 2010-12. Blizzard Entertainment are hoping that this game might revitalise the interest in the game.

The film is set before the events of the game, when Humans come make first contact with the Orcs who have come through a portal from their homeworld of Draenor. Draenor is dying and so they travel through a portal to look for a new world. As this is set at the beginning of the game line, there is no Forsaken/Undead as they come later. Although there is a little deviation from the original storyline, the master storyteller of the original lore, Chris Metzen has had input into the storyline.

The graphics and imaginary look amazing and should disappoint the naysayers who were predicting the film would bomb. There had been reports that the distributers had called it a troubled film but it does look good though, as good as LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring and the rest. Only time will tell when it comes out next June.

World of Warcraft Trailer

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