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First Exomoon believed to have been discovered in orbit around Kepler 1625b

Scientists have so far discovered 5311 exoplanets based on the figure at Exoplanets.org on the 7th of October 2018. This figure includes both confirmed and unconfirmed planets. The vast majority of the exoplanets reported can be found in the constellation of Cygnus because the Kepler Space Telescope which discovered most of them only looked at one area of space and that was in Cygnus.

The one thing that eluded scientists was whether there are any Exomoons out there, they could surely not just be something that is only found in our Solar system. Finding an Exoplanet is hard enough because they would be small compared to the star they orbit but an Exomoon would be even harder as they would be smaller than the planet.

On 3rd of October 2018, scientists decided to go public with news that they believe they had discovered the first exomoon. They published their work at ScienceMag describing what they had discovered. The first Exomoon is believed to be in orbit round Kepler 1625-b. The host planet is believed to have several times the mass of Jupiter and be many times larger than the largest planet in the Solar System. The moon in question Kepler-1625 bi with i being the Roman numeral for one in lower case is believed to be as larger if not larger than Neptune, another gas giant planet in our solar system.

It doesn't strengthen or weaken for the existence of alien life in the universe, it just means our Solar System is becoming less unique. There could well be a Moon of Endor out there which has life such as those bears, the Ewoks.

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