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First Star Trek Beyond Trailer

There are two main space franchises, the biggest is Star Wars whose seventh movie episode is out at the end of the week. The second and oldest is Star Trek whose next movie is out next year to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the series. To coincide with the release of Star Wars - The Force Awakens, Paramount has released the trailer to their next movie, Star Trek Beyond which is out next year. The thinking is that a lot of those people who watch star Wars also watch Star Trek and would be interested in seeing the advert. The trailer in the trailers section of the Star Wars film.

In the previous rebooted films, the films have been centred around our Solar System as the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A find their feet but the new one will feature planets far away on their five year mission to find new and wonderful life. The lead antagonist is played by Idris Elba, who if you have read articles on the internet is the new James Bond even though Daniel Craig has not yet given up the role yet.

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

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