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Fortieth Anniversary of the Lunar Landings

Forty years ago, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Since then another ten astronauts have landed on the moon. The last man to walk on the moon was Eugene Cernan in December 1972. The computers that took the men to the moon have a fraction of the computing power that todays machines have but we've not gone further.

The moon landings were seen as having a political rather than scientific reason, beating the Russians. The Russians had already sent the first satellite, dog, man and woman into space. The only thing left was to land on the moon. Interest has been reignited recently on getting to the moon and further but it won't be in the next couple of years that we get back there. First plan is to get to the moon and build a base there. From there, we'll tackle the longer journey to Mars. America is looking for partners on the project because of the sheer scale of the task ahead,

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