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Great American Eclipse 2017

Not being in America myself to confirm it, I expect there to be a lot of news coverage of the event. It is quoted as being the first eclipse in a hundred years to grace the United States. If you miss it, bad luck but you won't have to wait as long for the next Great Eclipse. The next one in the United States is due on April 8th 2024. Great American Eclipse. Southern Illinois will be the place to see both eclipses at totally as the path of the eclipses will cross at that point.

People in Northern Eastern U.S.A. such as New York will get a better totality of about 85% in 2024 whereas in 2017, it'll be about 76%. Totality is expected to last about two minutes when its all goes dark and the temperature drops. Auto-sensory street lights will come on so if you want perfect vision for the event, move away from any street lighting that might be close by. Make sure you know where your eclipses glasses are, its no good using sunglasses as they won't provide the protection that you need. If you don't have any, don't cross your fingers and hope you don't damage your eyes because you will.

The Eclipse will start about 10:00 am P.D.T. on the west coast where it will be dark for about 2 minutes as it moves across the United States. Casper, Wyoming where rumours are that it will be best place to see it will be dark at about 11:45 MDT. St. Louis, one of the biggest city in the path will see darkness at about 1:15pm. Nashville, Tennessee will get dark roughly an hour later. The last American city to see the eclipse is Charleston at 2:45pm EDT. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that its not cloudy.

Only people in Western Europe will have a chance at seeing the Eclipse before it finishes for good. In the UK, the Sun will be 2% covered at about 8pm in the evening. Its hardly worth watching unless you're an ardent eclipse watching in which case, good luck.

The next major European eclipse will be on August 12th 2026 where Barcelona will get totality with the UK getting about 95% which will be something worth watching.

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