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Green Lantern in Justice League

It looks like that Green Lantern is joining the others in the new Justice League movie due out in November if what is being said on the internet is correct. Just which Green Lantern will be appearing is the question. Its been noted that Idris Elba who played Heimdall in the Avenger films had expressed an interest. He could quite easily play John Stewart. He would if he appeared upset a few die hard Marvel fans who hate the idea of an actor changing from one comic to the other. Gamespot

We know that Henry Carvil will be back as Superman but we we don't know exactly how. In the previous film, he was killed or seemingly killed by Doomsday, having a Justice League film without Superman wouldn't really work. Superman is bigger than all the other except probably Batman which I'd say they were equals. In the comics after Superman was killed by Doomsday, he came back with another costume, a darker one so it'll be interesting to see what he wears. I know in the picture below it does show the familiar red and blue but that could just be a distraction. The only shots we have seen of Henry in the new movie is in the memory of Lois Lane. We know from trailers that Meera, Aquawoman and wife of Aquaman will be playing a role but as to how big is unknown.

Early reviews have been saying that the new Justice League, now directed by Joss Weddon is the best yet. Lets hope so as a lot is riding on this movie. At a running time of 2hrs 50 according to Google, it'll should hopefully give us our moneys worth, if not, be a lot of disappointed people. In fact, it needs to be a long film to cope with so many characters, not just those but also Diana Prince - Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Express

Justice League

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