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Happy New Year 13,823,342,017 A.B.B.

Happy New Year, no one really knows exactly when the big bang was precisely, only that it was 13.8 billion years ago the A.B.B. (After Big Bang) is a semi-random number. Hopefully the New Year will be better than last year and your dreams come true just in case they didn't last year. The "BIG" event to look forward to this year is the "Great American eclipse" which is the first total eclipse in America since 1970 according to the images on Wiki page to cross the United States. The latter eclipses, just grazed the country without totally crossing the country. Remember to get hold of special glasses to observe the Sun, there's further information at Great American Eclipse and Eclipse 2017. You buy your glasses now and keep them safe otherwise they'll be run out by the time you need them.

The previous year we've seen the deaths of astronauts of John Glenn and Piers Sellars, we hope its not a trend that will increase. However, death comes to us all in the end to put no finer point on it. Hopefully we'll all be back next year to read the 13,823,342,018 blog entry.

No expansion for Warcraft but they'll be continuing with the current expansion, Legion and we'll also be getting micro-holidays. Instead of the long holiday events like Winterveil and Children's Week, we'll get more one day events such as Diablo 20th anniversary on the 4th January and then another Call of the Scarab. Call of the Scarab is to mark the anniversary of the opening of the gates of Ahn'Qiraj which will see both the horde and alliance compete to control to have their flags hanging over Ahn'Qiraj for the forthcoming year. There's more information at WowHead.

As far as I know, there's no out of the ordinary major meteor showers due this year but should I hear, I'll update the site. There's also new comets due to cross our skies in the new year.

As for the entertainment front, the big film due this year is the next film in the Star Wars film series, Episode VIII which will see Rey and Finn take on the First Order. Sadly, last year, Carrie Fisher who played the beloved Princess Leia passed away just after Christmas last year. Leia had been due to play a major role in the next episode which fortunately, her scenes had been done. Her role in Episode IX will need to be rewritten unless they CGI her like what they did with her and Grand Moff Tarkin in the phenomenally successful Rogue One. If you've not seen it already, its worth seeing in my view.

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