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Have your name on Mars

In an effort to get the public engaged on the 2020 N.A.S.A. mission to Mars, N.A.S.A. are inviting people around the world to submit their name and details. Those details will be etched onto a chip smaller than a Dime.

The chip with the names will ride onboard the N.A.S.A. 2020 Mars mission under a glass cover. When we ever do get there, that chip will be like a time capsule and any future people will be able to see your name.

There is no restrictions on who can have their name on the chip. There is space for over a million names per chip and there is no mention of how many chips will be going. Names have been submitted from Iran, Cuba and China to name a few countries. Strangely, the country with the most names submitted is Turkey with United States coming in at 3 place. at the time of writing, there was 6,454,357 names with 2,427,560 coming from Turkey.

If you haven't submitted your name already, there's still time to submit your name at N.A.S.A.. What you will get a electronic boarding pass like the one below to print off and keep.

N.A.S.A. boarding pass

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