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How Long is a Venusian Day?

Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun and the closest planet to Earth. It is closer than Mars but because of its soaring temperatures compared to the peace and tranquillity of Mars, Venus doesn't get much interest.

In addition to the extreme temperatures, it is surrounded by clouds and has a toxic atmosphere. In addition to the atmosphere, a Venusian day is the longest of all the planets. It takes Venus 5,400 hours to complete one revolution compared to 24 hours on Earth. To simplify that, it takes 225 days to complete one full Venusian day. N.A.S.A.

Venus orbits the Sun in the Goldilocks Zone, the area surrounding a star where it is not too hot and not too cold for life to exist. Something has seriously got wrong on that planet as to why the atmosphere is a greenhouse. The planet is like a sibling, it ever so much smaller than Earth but it doesn't have the right environment for life. There is a theory that there might my simple life in the clouds, after all we do find life in the most extreme of locations on this planet.

Another interesting fact about Venus to go with it is that Venus rotates in the opposite way to Earth which could probably explain why a day is so long.

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