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Imagine how Warcraft would look if Development started today

World of Warcraft is over ten years old now and still remain strong. Although it has lost a lot of players, 3 million since the release of World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor, it still has about seven million paying players. The quality of the graphics have not changed in the years since it first came out. The reason for no change is so that all the players are using the same base graphics so they don't have to develop for high-spec PCs and low-spec PCs. If they were to change the graphics, the cost involved would be enormous.

Instead the developers, Blizzard Entertainment are concentrating on producing content and not producing (flying). One of the biggest arguments is whether flying which has been with the game for the past eight years should remain or be dropped to stroke the developers egoes over getting everyone to play how the developers want which is not what a lot of people want. I wonder how many of those people who quit, quit over flying because travelling on the ground is boring. There are those who liked the idea of not flying and seem to be most vocal. In the end, Blizzard Entertainment needs to understand that they need to cater for peoples requirements and not go arrogantly with the few. If Warcraft was built today, it could look like below which someone developed using the Unreal 3 Game Engine. The video shows shots of what Elwynn Forest could look like once updated. The video shows what would be Goldshire, the main human village, second only to Stormwind. They can't go on using the same base graphics that were great for 2004 and not update. You can't have 2004 graphics in 2024, ten years time. One day, they will update like so many other MMOs have done.

What Elwynn Forest could look like if they redesigned warcraft with unreal 3 engine.

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