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Is Peter Jackson going to Direct a Doctor Who Episode?

Well, it certainly seems like it is from what is being said on the Internet. In a send-up of himself, Peter Jackson is seen cleaning his Academy Awards whilst The Doctor runs around manic in the background with a Dalek in the background. Therefore having a major hollywood director directing an episode of Doctor Who would be a major coup for the entertainment franchise. Its unlikely that they will produce a film Version of the series any time soon given how long movies can take. Peter Jackson cut his teeth and came to the worlds attention by making the Lord of the Rings trilogy into three cinematic movies. He had made previous films but it was the Rings films that brought him to the worlds attention.

In 2013, he had a bit part in a short comedic part as part of the Doctor Who celebrations which probably got the rumours started. The short clip below also got rumours as to whether The Silmarillion might be made into a television series or a film. Christopher Tolkein who worked on the Silmarillion didn't like the movie adaptations so it remains to be seen whether the production company can gain the rights to the book.

Peter Jackson and the Doctor send up

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