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James Bond Retuns in SPECTRE

Details regarding the 24th James Bond film have been released and the title of the film is SPECTRE. In previous films such as You Only Live Twice, the terrorist organisation that James Bond was battling was called SPECTRE but with dots in the name as it was an acronym. In the introduction, SPECTRE was spelt without dots. The organisation was headed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld but in the film, the lead antagonist is Oberhauser who with his henchman Mr Hinx is up to something. It is rumoured that Oberhauser will turn out to be Blofeld but its just a rumour.

Also returning to help Bond is Q, the gadgetman along with other colleagues such as M and Miss Moneypenny. The Bond women as they prefer to be called instead of Bond Girls are Madeleine Swann and Lucia Sciarra but as for their roles, its not been revealed yet which side they are on. Lucia Sciarra is played by Monica Bellucci who had a brief part at the start of The World is Not Enough.

It will see James Bond returning to the snow which the character hadn't done since Die Another Day if you exclude the small visit he did in Quantum of Solace. Other locations he will visit will include Mexico City (Mexico), Rome (Italy), Tangiers and Erfound (Morocco). James will also be in London (United Kingdom), his home country. How long he will be in those countries for the film is anyones guess.

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