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John Lewis, the Man on the Moon

Every year adverts come on our television to persuade to part with our money for presents. This year is no exception however, one particular advert by John Lewis has an astronomical feel to it. The story in the advert is of a little girl who spots a man on the the Moon when she looks through her telescope. She endeavours to try to reach out to the man evenutally sending up a christmas present to him. The advert has been had fun poked at and used by a rival corporation to advertise their telescopes.

One advert has the man on the moon replaced by Father Jack from Father Ted screaming as he does in the television series. Another advert has the little girl spotting the Nazis on the moon, reminiscent of the film Iron Sky where the Nazis retreated to after the second World War. Age UK also used the advert to highlight the plight of lonely people this Christmas as a serious side. The best one is by The Poke who spoofed the advert with a Star Wars take on the advert with Darth Vader replacing the man on the moon and its hilarious which you must watch until the end.

Star Wars Spoof of the John Lewis Man on the Moon Advert

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