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Legion has arrived

The sixth expansion to the World of Warcraft MMORPG has began its rollout to the masses. First released to the masses in the United States on Tuesday and then to Europe on Wednesday and presumably the rest of the world on Wednesday too. The adventures are set on a newly opened up continent called 'The Broken Isles' which holds the Tomb of the fallen Titan, Sargaras. The seal of the island was broken by the Orc Warlock, Gul'dan who at the end of the last expansion was blasted into a portal after the demigod Archimonde was killed by players.

What was released as part of the roll out was the ability to roll a Demon Hunter, a new player class which comes in only two races, Night Elf for the Alliance and Blood Elf for the horde. You could only get a Demon Hunter if you have a character over level 70 for that particular server that you are playing on. Therefore, just roll a Death Knight, level it to Northrend and then presumably, you will be able to get yourself a Demon Hunter. The only people who are able to roll a Demon Hunter are of course only those people who have pre-purchased the expansion. The starting level for Demon Hunters is 98, a hero class. Personally, I think I'll stick to my tried and trusted Druid and Hunter, my high achievers. Demon Hunters are quite fun and everyone seem to be creating one. In the space of twenty seconds, the Horde guild I'm in recruited thirty Demon Hunters so they're popularity has taken off quite quick especially seeing as there's nothing else to do.

For non-Demon Hunter classes, there was a quest chain which takes you to the 'Broken Shores' island where you face an army of the Legion controlled by the mad Warlock himself, Gul'dan. In the scenario/raid part, you are teased with the possibility of a truce between the two factions. However, this is Warcraft and the two factions will come to blows in the end. Both factions team up to kill one of Guldan's bosses and then Gul'dan gains the upper hand and causes a Rift between the two factions again. At the end of both quest lines, we see that both faction leaders, Vol'jin and Varian Wrynn are both killed and new leaders take their place, Anduin Lothar for the Alliance and Lady Sylvanna Windrunner for the Horde. When you watch the Alliance video, it gives the impression that the Horde turned their backs on the Alliance but when you watch the Horde video, you see that Sylvanna had no choice to retreat after Vol'jin was killed. As part of the Demon Hunter quest line, you go inside an area called 'Vault of Wardens' which will be a future dungeon. Its not long now until the expansion is released fully.

The Invasions has a touch of Rift about it, a rival MMORPG that started off as a pay for but went Free to Play in the End. In Rift, Invasions play a large part of the game so there's definitely some obvious or unintentional copying. Also now the Legion have space ships and they have more than a passing similarity to the Star Destroyer with their rectangular shape. If fact with space ships, its moving more and more towards sci-fi and away from Fantasy.

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