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LHC Shutdown due to helium leak

The CERN (Centre for European Nuclear Research) experimental Large Hadron Collider was forced to shutdown for maintenance due to a helium gas leak. The leak will need to be fixed and tested which completion is not expected to be done before spring in the next year. Part of the reason for the shutdown is the compulsory winter break that CERN does every year. This is music to the ears of opponents of the system as it gives them more time to organise more challenges to the system. The opponents believe it could have the potential of blowing up the planet by creating mini black holes. LHC Supporters point out that should a black be created, it wouldn't last long and not last long. Every day mini black holes are created as particles from space smash into the upper atmosphere.

The LHC is a European wide collaboration of scientists who aim to discover if the Higgs-Bison particle that has been theorised exists. The core of the experiment is a tunnel beneath the Swiss/French border where particles are raced round until they smash into one another.

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